The keto diet is a plan focused on nothing but foods. Its main role is to melt stubborn and unwanted fat, but without endangering the user. Practically, the user gets a decent amount of protein and other healthy nutrients, but a limited amount of carbohydrates. The overall idea is to get calories from fat, rather than carbohydrates.

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The diet works on a simple principle. It strips sugar reserves of the body, so it will inevitably start breaking down fat for extra energy. As a direct consequence, the body will start producing more ketones (specific molecules) for fuel. The general idea is simple – fat burning means weight loss, not to mention better looks and a healthier lifestyle.

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Since the diet may seem a bit restrictive for some, there are lots of supplements in the process that can help. This is when best keto diet pills kick in. They come in a few different varieties and each of them has different roles and purposes. Some of these pills are suitable for supplementation, while others will rush the fat burning process. Now, what should you know about them before starting the treatment?

The concept of keto pills

If you are into the keto diet – whether doing it or thinking about it, you have probably noticed all kinds of keto diet pills out there. They are available over the Internet in keto stores, but you can also find them in large grocery stores. Simply go to the supplement section and chances are you will find lots of options. But what are they and how can they help you?

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While not a general rule, best keto pills come with an amalgam of various substances. Most importantly, they will be based on BHB (Beta Hydroxybutyrate) salts. They can also be mixed with sodium and magnesium. What is the role of this cocktail? Easy – it will boost the body’s energy levels by pumping more energy into the bloodstream. The energy will not last long, but it will certainly help.

The general idea behind these pills is to push the body in the state of ketosis. In fact, this is what the actual diet does. Ketosis is practically a metabolic state. When you reach it, your body will mostly rely on fat in order to provide energy for the body. The state occurs when the amounts of glucose are limited, so the body looks for another source.

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To help you understand, ketosis occurs when the levels of blood ketone reach particular levels. Different people have different functionality principles, but for example, most people will reach the ketosis state when the levels are at 1mmol/L. This is when the burning process begins. The more you can keep it going, the better it is for your looks and fat levels.

Different manufacturers may provide different quality standards for their keto diet pills. Some pills taste good, but they are not too efficient. Some others come with a terrible taste, but their efficiency is higher. Keep in mind at this point, you want efficiency over taste, yet do not be surprised to find high quality products that will provide both.

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Types of ketones explained

Before getting your first keto diet pills, it is important to familiarize yourself with a few words and terms. More importantly, you have to figure out what kind of ketones you can find out there. Ketones are normally available in two different varieties – endogenous and exogenous ketones.

Endogenous ketones are natural. While many pills and supplements are based on natural ingredients, you will never be able to find endogenous ketones out there. This is because endogenous ketones are only made by your body. More precisely, your liver cells are responsible for the natural production.

On the other hand, exogenous ketones are made in a laboratory. Sure, they are not 100% natural, but it does not mean that you are taking chemicals. In fact, they can be man made and natural, without any dangerous elements in their composition.

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From a different point of view, exogenous ketones can also be classified in two different categories. First, you have the ketone salts. Then, you have ketone esters. Unsurprisingly, not all manufacturers mention which ketones they use for their pills. In general, they are referred to as exogenous ketones.

Are there any differences between ketone esters and salts? Should you bother deciding which one is more suitable for you?

Ketone salts versus ketone esters

Both ketone salts and esters make good keto pills, so this is why many brands do not even bother to tell you what they use for their supplements. If you are up for the keto diet, a reputable product from a good brand will make the difference. But if you are more specific about your needs, understanding the differences will pay off.

Ketone salts are practically ketones attached to a salty element. This element could be potassium, magnesium or salt. These ketones are attached to minerals and nothing else. On the other hand, ketone esters fall in the same category, only they are mixed with a chemical addon.

As a general rule of thumb, the body absorbs ketone esters faster than other types of ketones. In other words, results will be quicker on the spot. The levels of ketones in the blood will raise in no time, putting the body in a state of ketosis. Ketone salts are just as efficient, only they take a bit more time to get there.

At a first glance, it looks like ketone esters are more efficient, but the main con is they taste horribly. In fact, their taste is so bad that they may even cause mild gastrointestinal issues. For this reason, more and more people turn to ketone salts.

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Ketone salts are also cheaper to produce, so they represent the most common choice on the market. Their taste is acceptable and not that bad, so you can take your keto pills with water – you may also find capsules or powders that can be mixed into drinks.

The only issue is that ketone salts come with salt, of course. Taking heavy amounts of these pills can lead to a high salt intake, which may also cause stomach related problems. Besides, excessive amounts of salt can imbalance the electrolyte system.

How ketone salts work

Exogenous ketones are often misunderstood. Just because you can find best keto pills that will boost the ketosis state, it does not mean that every other aspect of the diet can be overlooked. For instance, these pills do not represent a reason to ignore your diet and start eating random junk stuff.

From this point of view, it is essential to know that pills will actually speed the process of reaching the ketosis state. Practically, you have to stick to your diet and they will rush the process, but they are completely ineffective without it.

At the same time, keto diet supplements will fuel your body for all kinds of physical activity that demand energy. Whether you are into sports, you hit the gym or you have a physically demanding job, they can fuel your body.

Last, but not least, pills will keep the ketone levels in your blood at optimal levels, whether it comes to sports or therapeutic reasons.

How do these pills work? Once you start implementing them into the diet, the fat burning process will be slightly reduced in the beginning. This is because you get a boost of energy, so the body will slow down a little. It will, however, get back to a faster burning process once the energy is accommodated.

What to look for in keto diet pills

Just like for anything else in life, you have to pay attention to certain considerations when about to buy keto pills. So, what should you look for?


Pay attention to the manufacturer. You will find keto diet pills from a plethora of different manufacturers. Some of them come from reputable manufacturers, who have a rich history in developing effective supplements. Some others are made in the middle of nowhere by brands that no one has ever heard of.

If they are marketed for on bogus websites or social networks, chances are they are not going to work. Instead, look for official websites.


Double check all the ingredients and find out how each of them can help in the keto diet. If you cannot find ingredients on the label, the product is not worth your time. Also, it makes no difference what exogenous ketones you opt for.

The concentration of exogenous ketones is one of the main aspects when considering the ingredients.


Ordering over a reputable website will come with some extra benefits, especially if it is a third party website. You will find reviews from previous buyers, but you will also understand how the pills work. Opt for a high rating – usually over 3.5 out of five stars. Go through the reviews and try to figure out which ones are authentic.

Value for money

Keto diet pills are generally inexpensive. Sure, they will cost more than vitamin C pills, for example, but you should not sell a kidney to get a couple of bottles. Try to get value for money, rather than just a good price. Double check the amount of pills per bottle, the amount of pills for a serving and the price.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any side effects?

The so called keto flu is the main possible side effects. It may involve dizziness, fatigue, nausea or a lack of motivation. However, it is considered to be extremely rare and it is mild. Upset stomach may also occur, especially in those with sensitive stomachs.

Do keto diet pills actually work to lose weight?

Yes, but not by themselves. Simply put, they are effective for those who exercise on a regular basis, stick to a healthy diet and sleep enough. Results will, however, vary from one individual to another.

What is the best way to take keto diet pills for maximum effectiveness?

No matter what keto pills you get, make sure you read the prospect or instructions in the package. Most of them will come with the same instructions though. You need a dose around half an hour before a meal. Make sure you do not overlook your ketogenic diet and exercise though.

Some other pills should be taken first thing in the morning, with the breakfast. You will also find supplements that must be taken before engaging into physical activity – be it a simple walking session.

Which types of ketones should I get?

Both types of ketones are efficient and each of them can have side effects if taken in industrial amounts. They are both efficient and many brands will not even mention what type they use for their supplements – instead, you will see exogenous ketones on labels.

How long does it take keto diet pills to work?

Generally, entering ketosis with keto diet pills should take anywhere between a couple of days and five days. But then, it depends on each individual – some people need more, while others need less. The result depends on the current diet, age, physical activity and metabolism.

Can I take keto diet pills before going to bed?

Yes, if they were formulated for this purpose. Some keto pills are rich in caffeine and should not be taken before sleep, as they can cause insomnia. If your pills are suitable for late night intake, make sure you take them about half an hour before sleep.


As a short final conclusion, keto diet pills represent a relatively new trend on the market these days. While there are no conclusive studies in the long run, they have proven to work within days only. Once the body is in the ketosis state, it will inevitably start burning fat for more energy.

Choosing the best pills is a matter of research. Stick to reputable brands with quality products and go through a few reviews before making a final decision.​