Los Angeles, CA, 13 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Frauds are prevalent in the investment and finance sector because growing one’s wealth is something that is attractive to the majority of the population, which makes it a ripe industry for scammers. 

One problem with the internet is that even frauds can look legit, fortunately, social media and review websites such as Trust Pilot makes it easy for victims to tell the world about their experiences with these scammers. It is due to these scammers that Elyt Chargeback is able to rise up as an avenging force for investors who fell prey to fraudulent brokers. They are specialists who have made it their life’s mission to recover lost funds and assets painlessly.

Wirex App (www.wirexapp.com)  is a highly popular cryptocurrency investing platform which began showing its true colors recently  when users of the platform began sharing their experiences. Users have complained that they were unable to withdraw their funds, and even when they finally managed to get their accounts verified, they were charged exorbitant fees for withdrawal. One user noted that, “They locked my account and made it impossible to withdraw all my deposits. You just see your money disappear”, which is something that has been experienced by many users of Wirex App. 

Another cryptocurrency investing platform, Africrypt, owned by Ameer and Raees Cajee is also guilty of the same shady schemes and have successfully cheated investors of $3.6 billion dollars, the biggest scam in the history of cryptocurrency dealings. 

Early this year, the company sent out an email telling investors that they are freezing their site for the time being due to vulnerabilities on the platform whereby hackers were attempting to exploit. Following that, the two brothers and founders of the platform transferred all the collective funds to an off-shore account and have not been heard from since. Any attempts to contact them are in vain as they have fallen off the grid completely

These are just a few notable examples regarding scams that look legitimate but have successfully cheated thousands of people into trusting them with their money. Elyt Chargeback strives to recover these lost funds by tracking down the scammers and forcing them to pay back what is owed. With over 94% of all cases ending with a 100% reimbursement, meaning that 94% of their clients get all of their money back, and not a cent less. 

“We are familiar and cooperating with most legally successful recovery companies out there as well as with related law firms all over the world and more than willing to help you to recover your funds and getting back on track,” says a representative from Elyt Chargeback regarding their process, and they also implore investors to take time to do a due diligence check before getting financially committed to any investment platforms. “There are really good investment platforms,They do exist but sadly there are more of the fraudulent ones than the ethical ones.. It’s very important to be as careful with your money when attempting these Get Rich Quick  schemes.”

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