London, UK, 4th March 2022, ZEXPRWIREWomen are starting to make breakthroughs in the business world. Women are thriving in businesses at an outstanding rate. Being a woman is not holding them back; they are focused on what they want and go after it every time. No matter their age, race, ethnicity, and location, they are all starting to show signs of prosperity which is one of the most exciting things in this world. Today, women are making more than men in the United States. FinancialCentre Broker Andy Tutcher says that women-owned businesses are starting to take over all around the world.

He says that even though this is a great thing, there are still many challenges that these women entrepreneurs face. Mr. Tutcher says that the first challenge that women entrepreneurs face is acquiring funding for their businesses. He says that they will need more than just passion and dedication, which most men have to get their businesses up and running. While it may be tough, women are doing great.

It is definitely difficult to find funding for any kind of business but it seems like it is more difficult for women. Women aren’t always taken seriously when they want to start a business or make an investment in their businesses. This can be because society still views women as less capable of handling business. Some may even think they are only good for household work or child-rearing, which is not true at all. Women are powerful enough to run a business and make it thrive.

This is just one major challenge that women entrepreneurs face, but there are many more barriers they have to break.


Women in Nigeria have been trying to break through barriers of gender inequality for a while now. They have made some progress, but there is still a lot more to go before they get where they really want to be. In order to assist this sector, the UK Minister for Africa recently announced a new investment plan intended to support women-owned firms and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. Women entrepreneurs in Nigeria will be given a new £74 million (41.6 billion Naira) financial package from the UK to help them overcome significant obstacles to entrepreneurship.

Mr. Vicky Ford, UK Minister for Africa, believes that when women entrepreneurs and small businesses are economically empowered, their local community benefits as a result. This shows that even outside of Nigeria, people are supporting the empowerment of women. Such a big investment like this one shows that the UK and Nigeria both truly believe that women entrepreneurs and small businesses will make an impact in today’s world.

He mentioned that the UK would work closely with the Nigerian government to strengthen economic cooperation and promote growth, prosperity, and opportunity in both countries.

Women should not be held back in any way because of their gender. They should be given equal opportunity as other male entrepreneurs to start a business no matter where they come from. According to Andy, Africa has the greatest number of female entrepreneurs, accounting for almost a third of all businesses on the continent. Despite this, their influence on the economy is minimal. This is due to the fact that many women have difficulties in developing their businesses, such as being turned down for bank loans.

Time to back women entrepreneurs

Companies are already starting to see just how valuable women entrepreneurs are. Even though there is still much work being done, supporting women in business has been a slow process due to the fact that it can be hard to break through the barriers of society’s views on what women are capable of doing. Despite this, many organizations have shown their support by mentoring women in business or giving them awards for their work.

This is just one step in the right direction that needs to be taken if we want to see more women in more powerful positions all around the world. Women are already running many companies in today’s society, so why not give them a chance to make an impact on their community by helping them succeed in their business endeavours?

The step of the UK in this regard should be appreciated, but it cannot stop there. Women entrepreneurs all around the world deserve to have their businesses succeed so they can give back to their community by improving it in any way possible. This is encouraging for women everywhere, especially in Nigeria, because if more countries show support towards this sector of business, then it will help these women get on the road to success.

Women entrepreneurs in Nigeria are setting an example to women everywhere that they can be successful in their business ventures, even if society doesn’t think they are capable of running something. Women all over the world need to know that they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. It is clear that women entrepreneurs in Nigeria are doing just that by showing the potential of what women business owners can do and inspiring other women in their communities to take a chance and run their own companies.

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