Terms Of Service

The following terms and conditions govern all the application of ZEX PR Wire website and all other products and services, content and other elements available at and through the website. The website is subject to your acceptance without any alteration of the terms and conditions available here including all other rules of operation, processes and policies that may be published from time to time on this site or in clear terms in the Agreement. It is also to be noticed that you agree to abide by any and every applicable guideline while the use of any service in the website. ZEX PR Wire has the power, but is not compelled to strictly impose through any other means.

Please understand all the terms and conditions of the Agreement carefully before you start to access the website of ZEX PR Wire. By using any part of the website, you become liable to agree in the terms. You may not access or use the website if you are not ready to agree with the given terms and conditions. The website is not open to individuals below the age of 13 years.

For all who have or willing to create an account with the website, you will be responsible for preserving the security of your account. You are completely responsible for all the activities that occur in your account or any other step taken in connection with your account. Please note that don’t assign or describe keywords to your content that may be regarded misleading or unlawful. ZEX PR Wire has the right to change or remove the description or keyword that is considered to be unwise or inappropriate and can affect the reputation of the site. If you notice any unauthorized activity or use in your account, immediately report to ZEX PR Wire. ZEX PR Wire is not responsible for any acts or error by you, including any kind of damages that may happen to you for the error or act by you. ZEX PR Wire strictly will not encourage its use of any illegal and dangerous activity nor shall it be used for the promotion of any unlawful purpose. If such activity comes into notice, will terminate the concerned user’s account and report it to suitable authorities.

Please make the links available after you post a material (Content) on the website. Posting links of your contribution by you or any third party is mandatory. Please regard that you are fully responsible and answerable for any harm or issue resulting from your Content no matter it constitutes texts, graphics, computer software, audio file or anything in between. Once you make Content available, you represent and justify that –

  • The use, downloading and copying of the Content will not violate the property rights. It includes but is not limited to patent, copyright, trade secret rights, of any third party as well
  • If you deploy your employer to access right to intellectual property created by you, you have either a) taken the concern from your employer to post your including but not restricted to any software. b) Or, safe from your employer a waiver as to all rights in or to the Content.
  • You have completely confirmed with any third-party licenses relating to the Content and have taken all the necessary steps to successfully deal with other required terms.
  • Please assure that the Content does not contain any elements that are destructive like viruses, malware, Trojan Horses that can cause harm to the website.
  • Make sure Content is spam-free, is not a randomly generated file or a machine and does not include any obsolete and unethical elements designed to drive traffic or boost SEO of any third party sites. Please note ZEX PR Wire strictly prohibits unlawful acts like phishing and spoofing.
  • Note that content is not defamatory, obscene, or hateful. Any content with racial and ethnical discrimination is not entertained. Content imposing threats to other sites or raising violence or using some other illicit means to increase promotion, will not be entertained.
  • Note that the Content is not getting advertised by any unethical means softwares like spam, newsgroup spam links, blogs or unapproved promotional methodologies.
  • Don’t use misleading names in the Content that may compel readers to think that you are any other company or person.
  • Assure the truth and authenticity of the Content. Note that it is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Never post any Misleading Content or that includes false information
  • ZEX PR Wire will hold you free of any charges with regards to infringement of copyright and the Content you provide should be Copyright protected by the third party.
  • If Your Content raises any issue, you promise to defend, prove and regard ZEX PR Wire , its respective officers, director, agents and employees harmless.

Once you submit content with ZEX PR Wire, you give the right to the site to reproduce, publish, modify, and distribute it. ZEX PR Wire will take necessary steps to remove your content from its website after you delete your Content. You are liable to acknowledge that ZEX PR Wire is not responsible for removing your Content from other sites.

For added exposure ZEX PR Wire can distribute Content to third parties. However, there is no such obligation to this activity.

ZEX PR Wire does not allow the following content-

  • Adult or pornographic content
  • CBD and illegal drugs
  • Content that are defamatory, hateful or possess threat are not allowed
  • Content containing Confidential and personal information are strictly prohibited
  • Spam, Hacking, Malware and all other associated elements are not allowed
  • Content that promotes illegal activity or violate legal rights are not allowed
  • Only content in English are allowed

It is not possible for ZEX PR Wire to review all the Content, including computer software posted on the website and therefore is not responsible for the future effects. By publishing the Content, ZEX PR Wire by no means portrays that they are aware of the nature, usefulness, accuracy of the contents. You are responsible for protecting your own Content by taking necessary steps to protect it from spam, viruses, malware etc. The Website may contain content that is objectionable or offensive and even that are technically not perfect or with grammatical or typographical errors and mistakes. There may be Content on the website that may infringe privacy, intellectual property rights or other third party rights. ZEX PR Wire denies holding it responsible for any harm, caused by the downloading of the content.

ZEX PR Wire has no control over other web pages and sites in which the Content is posted. Posting a Content in the other sites does not mean that ZEX PR Wire is endorsing it. You are responsible for protecting your content from spam, viruses and other elements that can cause harm to our content.

ZEX PR Wire respects the copyrights of others. If you think that your work is violated in our site, please notify our agents to claim copyright or the infringement of other intellectual property at [email protected]. Your notice must a) identify with exact detail the material on the site you claim is violating; b) state that you have a good belief that the debated use is unauthorised by the copyright owner, its law or agents; c) mention under penalty of perjury that 1. The aforementioned notice is accurate, and 2. You are the copyright owner whose interest is authorised or involved to act on the owner’s behalf; d) your email address, phone number and physical address and e) your electronic or physical signature. ZEX PR Wire will answer all such notices, which includes as appropriated or required by removing the violating material or disabling all URLs to the violating material. In such case, a user who might infringe or continually infringes the intellectual property rights or copyrights of ZEX PR Wire or others, ZEX PR Wire may, in its discretion deny or terminate access to and use of the site. In this case, such termination, ZEX PR Wire will have no obligation to offer a refund of any cost previously paid to ZEX PR Wire , if any

This Agreement does not transfer from ZEX PR Wire to you any ZEX PR Wire or third party intellectual property rights. All other interest, title and other such property will remain solely with ZEX PR Wire , its logo and all other trademarks of ZEX PR Wire or its licensors. Other service marks, logos, trademarks used in relation to the website can be the trademarks of the third parties. Your use in the ZEX PR Wire website doesn’t grant you to reproduce or use any ZEX PR Wire or third party trademarks.

Your use of ZEX PR Wire website indicates that you acknowledge our agreement of privacy policy. Your agreement and acknowledgment with ZEX PR Wire’s privacy policy further refer that ZEX PR Wire  can protect or disclose Content, email address, IP address or other user information. Such preservation or disclosure is necessary to manage legal procedures, respond to the claims that any content will breach, respond to defamatory content, and protect the rights and personal safety of ZEX PR Wire .

All the rights of ZEX PR Wire are reserved and any changes, modification at any part of the Agreement is possible. It is the duty of the user to keep an eye on the changes from time to time. Your continued use in the site will be regarded as your acceptance of the changes that have been made in the agreement. ZEX PR Wire may also offer new features and services in the near future that may also include new resources and tools. Such new services are also subjected to the terms and condition of the Agreement.

ZEX PR Wire might terminate your access to all/any part of the website at any point and remove your release from the site, with or without cause or notice, effective immediately. If you want to terminate your ZEX PR Wire account or the mentioned agreement, you may discontinue using the website. Nevertheless, the aforementioned and any other agreement, if you have placed paid release on the site, it can be removed by ZEX PR Wire if we regulate in our sole discretion that your press release violates with our Terms and Conditions or you breach this agreement materially, while failing to rectify this breach within 24 hours from ZEX PR Wire’s notice to you thereof, or after a month (30 days) of posting – whichever comes first. ZEX PR Wire might also terminate all parts of the website promptly as a part of their routine or necessary maintenance or a generic close of our service. All provisions of this Agreement, which by their nature shall survive termination, which includes indemnity and limitations of liability, warranty disclaimers, ownership provisions, and without limitations.

The website is offered on an “As Available” and “As Is” basis. ZEX PR Wire and its licensors and suppliers hereby disclaim all kinds of warranties, implied or expressed, including – without limitation, security or reliability, Timeliness, Availability, Non-Infringement, Fitness for a particular purpose, merchant warranties. Neither ZEX PR Wire nor its licensors or suppliers make any warranty that the website will be free from error or the access thereto will be uninterrupted or continuous. You understand that you can download from, or get services or content through the website at your own risk and discretion.

In no event will ZEX PR Wire, or its licensors or suppliers, be liable with respect to any subject matter of the agreement under any contract, under any equitable or legal theory, strict liability, negligence. 1) Any consequential, incidental or special damages. 2) The amount of substitute or procurement of services or products. 3) Data corruption or loss or interruption of use. 4) For any cost that exceeds the fees paid to  ZEX PR Wire by you under this agreement during the one i) month period before the alleged breach.  ZEX PR Wire will not be liable for any delay or failure due to matters beyond reasonable control. The aforementioned shall not apply to the extent prohibited by law applicable.

You warrant and represent that i) the website’s use by you will be in strict accordance with ZEX PR Wire Privacy Policy, with all applicable laws and regulations with this agreement (which includes limitation of any local regulations or laws in your governmental area, city, state or country, due to the online conduct and acceptable release, which includes all applicable laws regarding data transmission of technical data exported from the country you reside or any other regulations, rules and laws, and ii) the website’s use by you will not misappropriate or infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

You agree to hold harmless and indemnify  ZEX PR Wire, its agents, employees, officers, respective directors, licensors, contractors, affiliates and subsidiaries from and against any and all kind of litigation costs, judgments, suits, damages, losses and claims of every kind and nature, arising out of your website’s utilisation or  ZEX PR Wire’s services, which includes but not limited to out of your violation of the agreement.

You agree to use our services for its intended purpose, not for any illegal purpose, which includes, but not limited to reverse engineering of the website or its processes and including such services or processes in an imitative service. You may not lease, sell, distribute, modify or copy any part of our included software or services, neither you may attempt or reverse engineer to extract the source code of the software.

This Agreement holds the entire agreement between you and ZEX PR Wire, which concerns the subject matter hereof, and might only be changed by a written amendment signed by an authorised agent of ZEX PR Wire, or by the posting by ZEX PR Wire of a reviewed version. ZEX PR Wire might assign its rights under the agreement to any party that agrees, consents to be bound by its terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that State or Location.

We believe in transparency and do allow you to create a business profile for your business or client, and we trust the information you submitted are correct and you are solely responsible for the information you submitted .

If we find any paid press release to violate our terms and conditions and we will not approve it, until you make the necessary changes . If we still can’t get approved we will give you the PR credit for distribution, which you can use later to post a new press release.

In case a Press Release is approved and you have deleted it, we would not be able to refund you. It’s your solo responsibility to post the correct information in a press release. No refund will be entertained for a user-deleted press release.

In case any promotion is not accepted by a website, we will send you mail explaining the cause and you can use that amount in any other promotion we have.

Please be aware that Once a press release is published on any publication, gets removed or deleted, is beyond ZEX PR WIRE’s control. Given our lack of control over the removal or deletion of press releases, ZEX PR WIRE is not liable for any refund or alternative options in such cases. We cannot guarantee the preservation of distributed press releases on any particular publication.

“No Refund” for PR Distribution/ Promotion credit or ZEX PR Wire Subscription credits will be refunded once you make the payment, you can always use your credits later whenever you want to post your Press Release.

Distribution and Pickup is not guaranteed, and it depends on the individual site policies.

** Do not tag any Tier2 partners in Social Media handles, due to their policies and may result in suspension of your account.