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Hindustan Times Press Release Distribution

Hindustan Times is widely recognized for its journalistic integrity and trusted reporting. Being featured in the publication enhances your brand’s credibility, positioning you as a reliable and reputable source of information. This can significantly boost your brand’s reputation, instill trust in your target audience, and establish you as a thought leader in your industry.
Hindustan Times Press Release Distribution

Is Hindustan Times a good place to publish press releases?

If you want to make a splash with your press release in India, Hindustan Times is worth considering. This major English daily newspaper reaches millions nationwide and carries significant weight. But your release must be newsworthy, well-written, and appealing to their readership. Study and comply with their submission process thoroughly. And don’t forget to pursue a multi-channel distribution strategy spanning mainstream, niche, regional, and digital platforms – paid promotions could further amplify your message if feasible.

Hindustan Times Press Release Submission: Key Features by ZEX PR WIRE ®

Targeted reach
Targeted reach to industry specific media outlets and publications
Comprehensive reporting
Comprehensive reporting and analytics to track release performance
Multimedia support
Multimedia support for images, videos, and other rich media formats
SEO Optimized
Optimized for search engine visibility and online discoverability
Free Consultation
Personal guidance from experienced PR professionals

Hindustan Times Press Release Distribution: Key Insights

Unrivaled Reach:

  • 70M+ Monthly Traffic
  • Massive, Engaged Audience Exposure

Authority Powerhouse:

  • DA 93, PA 73 – Premier Authority Booster
  • 1% Spam Score – Trusted, Credible Platform

National Resonance:

  • India’s Leading English Daily
  • Pan-India Readership Across All Metro Cities

Editorial Validation:

  • Stringent Vetting Process
  • Only Newsworthy, Relevant Content Published

Unified Media Presence:

  • Print Edition +
  • Multi-Channel Visibility & Impact

Actionable Insights:

  • Comprehensive Release Analytics
  • Audience Data, Engagement Metrics & More

Streamlined Experience:

  • Hassle-Free Submission Workflow
  • Seamless Press Release Distribution


India 62.18%
United `States 16.62%
Canada 2.77%
United Kingdom 2.49%
Australia 1.34%

How To Submit PR on Hindustan Times

How to Create an Account on ZEX PR Wire®

Step 1: Visit ZEX PR Wire® Here
Step 2: On the top right corner click on “Sign Up / Login”
Step 3: Once you click on “Sign Up / Login“.  Sign up / Login page will appear.
Here you will be required to Enter your details Like:- Name, Mobile No., Email, Address, Country. Simply putting all the required details and Click on Sign Up Now Button.
Step 4: Verify your account with OTP(One Time Password) received on your registered Email.
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After Successfully Logged In, Dashboard appears on the screen.

Step 1: Click on Submit PR on the left side Menu
Step 2: Browse and Buy Packages according to your need. Just Click on “Buy Now”.
Step 3: After Successfully Selecting your package. Payment Dashboard will appears.
Step 4: Enter you Personal Details. And Click on “Proceed to Pay”.
Step 5: Select your Desired Payment Gateway.
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How to Submit Press Release

Step 1: After Successfully adding company Profile. You can submit PR by Clicking Submit PR on Dashboard.
Step 2: After click on Submit PR. You can see the Create Press Release Section, Where you can Enter your Press Release Content.
Step 3: Enter the Desired Title of Press Release in the Title Bar.
Step 4: Select the Package that you have bought for the Press Release.
Step 5: Paste the Body of the Press Release in the Press Release Body Section.
Step 6: Select Company for which the Press Release is supposed to be Published. OR You can Enter Company Details Manually.
Step 7: Select the Categories of Press Release. (Selecting the Categories will help us to syndicate the Press Release to the Respective Niche Syndication. This will help to Optimize your PR Campaign) This means your Press Release belongs to which industry)
Step 8: Select “Yes” or “No” to Show Contact Details on the Press Release
Step 9: Write note for Editor. If you want to convey a specific message to the editor regarding the press release.
Step 10: Check all the Terms & Conditions. And Click on Publish.
Step 11: It’s Done. Your Press Release is Submitted on the ZEX PR Wire®.

Sit Back and Relax!

Our editorial team is working on your content. We will notify you with an email with you PR is done

How to Get Press Release Report

Once you successfully submit the press release to the ZEX PR Wire ®. It will take a while to syndicate the Press release to selected media outlets. Once it is done.. You can download the respective Press Release Report from your user dashboard.
Step 1: Login to the ZEX PR Wire ®.
Step 2: Click on My Press Release on the Left Side Menu.
– Here You can see the List of Submitted Press Releases will appear on Dashboard.
Step 3: Click on “Download Report” on the Right Side of your Press Release.
Note: And It’s Done Your Dedicated Press Release Report is Downloaded.

Client’s Kind Words

Hear from ZEX PR Wire®’s satisfied clients and let their success stories inspire you!

We are thrilled with the results we’ve achieved through ZEX PR Wire®. Their extensive distribution network has enabled us to reach new audiences and gain media exposure. The ability to schedule press releases and include multimedia elements has made a significant impact on our campaigns. ZEX PR Wire® is a valuable partner for our PR needs.

Pascal Bergeron, CEO of bitMachina

ZEX PR Wire® has been an integral part of our PR strategy. Their platform provides a seamless experience, from submission to distribution. The team’s expertise and personalized support have been invaluable. Our press releases have gained significant media attention, contributing to our brand’s growth. Thankyou ZEX PR Wire®!

Mehmet Ali Demirci, GMCoin

ZEX PR Wire® has been instrumental in expanding our brand’s visibility. Their distribution network is extensive, and the results have been impressive. Our press releases have reached targeted media outlets, generating media coverage and driving traffic to our website. Highly recommended!

Sarita Mathania, Founder of Bayslope

FAQs of Press Release Distribution for Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times is a hugely popular English daily newspaper that’s read by millions across India. It’s one of the biggest and most reputable news sources in the country.

Just submit your release through our user-friendly platform. We’ll then pitch it to the Hindustan Times editorial team on your behalf for potential publication in their print edition and website.

We have a direct partnership that allows us to get our clients’ newsworthy releases in front of the Hindustan Times editors for review and distribution to their massive nationwide audience.

For starters, the incredible 70 million+ monthly traffic reach Hindustan Times offers. But we also provide in-depth release analytics, multimedia support, and opportunities for premium sponsored promotions.

Pretty much everyone across India! As a national daily, your release reaches top business leaders, policymakers, consumers – you name it, Hindustan Times has that audience covered.

If the Hindustan Times editors approve your release, it usually gets published across their digital platforms within just 24-48 hours through our expedited process.

Definitely! Approved releases don’t just make the print paper – they also get posted on the super popular website and even promoted via Hindustan Times’ official social media channels.

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