Florida, 23 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Nature knows all, nations less. Maximum Humate manna molecules in earth’s richest soil bank, accumulating 75 billion years ago in the world’s richest deposit. “97% of life is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen atom combinations. Humate is the richest concentrate of that.”, Dr. Daniel Nuzum. See drnuzum.com, equalizer concentrate fulvic spray, and the mitorestore formula from microbeformulas.com, and ancientultimates.com. Tokenizing life source is the fastest shift to world health wealth. Nuzum’s humate, turned 18 inches of Utah desert salt soil to topsoil in two years on five acres. Humate is key to the health of all humans, Pakistan could show the world by 2025. Fulvic has 50,000 organic elements, says noted agroecologist Arthur Ziegler.

See 200 science references, the medicinal value of fulvic substances, at the corporation.wordPress, see YouTube, fulvic acid scares the system. Humates have fulvic, humic, humin components. Earth’s first medicine bank virally renews the natural law, contract each sovereign human cell has with actual natural law, not synthetic intelligence. Can a Humate formula accelerate immunity 15 % a month, for the price of 15 cups of coffee with no side effects?

Md, at 23, Jerry Tennant, “cells are made to run best on 25 millivolts of electron donors in each cell; at +30, nonfriendly viruses and bacteria flourish; cell repair can’t maintain and nutrients do little without Fulvic R.D.A. recharge. Tennant’s fva formula is measured at -175 millivolts, sum total electron charge.

Medications are tiny synthetic parts of fulvic molecules. The 3rd leading cause of death is medication side effects. Humate providers may upgrade 5 million families’ daily life quality by 1/1. Purblack.com combines the best humates of 5 continents and 8 countries. See youtube for a comparison of pure black brand shilajit with other brands of mumijo made in Russia. Each fva molecule by nature has 14 tetratrillion electrons it can donate or receive.

Doctors4covidethics.media, 1000 MDs with Nobel Prize winner AIDS discoverer, Luc de Montaigener mandate Manhattan Project quest for non-synthetic human immune bioregulator. Russia’s greatest soil scientist, Dimitri Orloff, states Humates is the master regulator of all living and nonliving systems.


One humate provider increased Idaho potato production by 187%. 300 ppm Humates in soil, Increases good soil microbes 5000 times. Leipzig university documents humaxed super crops and animals of 1786 First Humate published study, William Achard, 99% of Humates are used in the oil industry, the smallest fraction is used in human immunity, the world’s best-kept secret; as the molecules cannot be patented. Humate attraction for viruses is so great it can remove them from the human cell surface with a negative ionic charge. See human use antiviral studies, Laubbiochem.com, see fulvic acid explained. 12/15, ideal Humate world well 2024 documentary. A midwest legacy media outlet with 500,000 listeners will release a 5 hour series on humate for more humanity starting 9/28.

Fulvics are sub nano size, soluble at any pH in any soil or human cell. Humic acid molecules are midweight in range and size. Humin molecules are the largest. Greenearthagriculture.com has 300 studies from the last 200 years for agricultural, veterinarian applications. Each fulvic molecule has four tetratrillion electrons, charging all nutrients for maximum absorption and optimizing the constant removal of all organic and inorganic foreign elements of each cell. See, why treating corona virus-like a war doesn’t work, why hunger grows. Hope grows viral; banks back humate.

Pakistan’s 10 billion tree plan, with 1 billion trees,60 native varieties planted 2017-2019, successfully maintained, may evaluate the 30-50 % Humate upgrade potential and discover modern manna and Unheard of global-scale human immunity.


Humate is the opposite of agent orange, turning 4 million acres of Southeast Asian landscape into moonscape. Our humate is the opposite of agent orange. See reforest. Africa, covering best drone reforestation. Marut Grow, Telegana, plans 1 million planted daily. dendra.io will plant 8 billion yearly with 10,000 drones 11 times faster,1/3 the cost, matching Pakistan’s new, now possible, the goal of 25 billion trees,2024. See Nuzum’s youtube, fulvic acid miracle scares the system, fulvic acid explained, and mitochondria, the symbiotic bugs within. Pakistan humate could amp global market 20%,2022. Pakistan national ancient humate new humanity policy announcement 10/29, could make the next day a double holiday celebrating the wisdom kindness of Islam’s last prophet. Trillionaire prince Mohamed bin Salman, invested 2 billion in Pakistan agriculture and 8 in green energy, saying Pakistan could lead the globe on climate health economics by 2026. He plans 50 billion trees planted in the Middle East in 2030, Advanced humates people, soil, plants can take nations zero to hero.

Russia’s best soil scientist, Dimitry Orlof says Humates are the hidden hub of the wheel works of all living organisms and ecologies. Nothing can live without Humates; industrial agriculture and medicine have brought Humate levels to an extreme low in all organisms and ecology. U.A.E.,2nd most Climate affected region, plans 50 billion trees,2050. In A.E, funded desertcontrol.com, with $85 million. C.E.O. states they can turn $500 an acre Wyoming desert to $10,000 in 7 hours. See Atlas of the Future.

 Terra Preta Super Soil, Mayan made by nature, multiplies mass,0.4 inches a year, after 3000 years, supporting millions when London was a slum, with 9-foot deposits today in a France size area, sequestering carbon beyond any soil. Here’s one Terra Preta Deposit.


One gram has 10,000 individual microbial species. The number in 1 ounce equals earth’s human population. See amazing carbon.com. The amazon carbon colossus, Angelim Vermelho, stores 40 tons of carbon, as much as 500 other trees, towering 290 to 310 feet. Best humate could improve these trees by 50%. Federal lab’s computer simulation found synthetic zeolite molecules have 1 million uses. We predict humates have minimal hundreds of millions of uses. See Daniel Nuzum MND DO/ Mitochondria: The Symbiotic Bugs Within Us.

Join zoominars, texting 5 lines to 936 718 2747. No calls accepted. Join the mana mass adoption contest with a Kiss the Ground, Hold Up, Pandemic, documentary sequel twist launching 11/11.

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To speed mass community trials of maximized manna molecules, independent parties may gift up to 50 people, in 13 American communities, for a limited time, Humic concentrates. Unherd of mass adoption is secure with a tipping point of 1% of any community daily experiencing the life quality upgrade in all cells. 

This treatise is not intended to solicit funds, promise or infer, any advantage in the involvement of any kind with any enterprise and or to sell or promote a product. It is,a global public service announcement; for those seeking options in planetary improvement options, at the scale and speed, we need. This document is not S.E.C evaluated.

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