A Defined JAWLINE Comes Perfect With JAWLINER® Fitness Chewing Gum

Bavaria, Germany, 10th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIREMEG UG, a German start-up based in Bavaria, has developed a new fitness chewing gum under its brand JAWLINER®. The user may get fresh air and work out their facial muscles simultaneously, claims the company’s motto. Due to its toughness, the user may activate more than 57 muscles in the face when chewing this gum. The ultimate effect is a regenerated skin texture and a lovely, defined and muscular jawline.

However, as a culture, we’ve shifted our eating patterns such that we now eat almost exclusively soft foods. Jaws that are too small and poorly developed jaw and facial muscles are the result. That can be changed right now, thanks to this gum! The user may find chewing gum designed to increase facial fitness in the JAWLINER® Fitness Chewing Gum. They can train the facial muscles, including all 57 of them, in only a few minutes.

87% of us love strong jawlines:

The scientific community has shown that we are more attracted to people with chiseled facial features: We love faces with strong, squared jawbones and hollow cheeks because they emanate self-confidence and look more interesting. We ourselves also feel more secure when we feel pretty. The Bavarian start-up promises these positive characteristics of a muscular and attractive jawline after training with its JAWLINER® Fitness Chewing Gum

Neither sugar nor aspartame is used in the JAWLINER® Fitness Chewing Gum’s formula, and no artificial flavours or colours are included. As a result, they have ensured that our chewing gum is both vegan and gluten-free. The pleasant mint flavour lingers in the tongue, tempting the drinker to take another swig as soon as possible. Dr Mike Mew was a vital resource in the development of our JAWLINER® Fitness Chewing Gum product. During his London School of Facial Orthotropics evaluation, he found our gum acceptable. More flavours are in development and won’t belong in coming.

About the Company:

In August 2013, MEG UG was founded in Germany. The most well-known name in jaw muscle strengthening products is our organisation. “JAWLINER,” which we invented as jawline workout equipment, is one of our offerings. With its food-grade silicone rubber construction, this device is the most effective training aid for jaw muscles on the market. We now offer our products all over the world and help those who wish to enhance the shape of their faces do so.

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Contact Name: MEG UG

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Published On: February 10, 2022