Bangkok, Thailand, 27th Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Advance Group Asia Journey, We are #1 one of Thailand’s leading Pest Management providers with over 40 local branches across Thailand.

We have had some experiences on Pest Management since 1983 that is considered as a long period of time and we have generated many specialists in this field in order to look after residential buildings, places of business, and occupants to be safe from insects and pests. 

Our company was established with a registered capital of 40 million baht with several branches throughout Thailand. In addition, we also have efficiency specific management, modern innovations, and standard operational systems. We understand on environment for living of Thai people therefore we are trusted to look after many houses, companies, industrial groups, and national organizations throughout Thailand. Subsequently, with all of these potentials and readiness on environmental management, we operate more services which are cleaning and hygiene services to supper current demands of clients.

Currently, the company has a team members consisted of over 1,000 crews throughout Thailand with over 150 service trucks. Our Head Office (in Bangkok) is considered as a control center to control all works systematically and it is located in a land with the area that is over than 3 rai consisted of a warehouse, an insect laboratory, breakout area , meeting rooms for training and a meeting room with the capacity of over 200 persons , a library, exercise area, and green area at the center of the building. All corners and areas are designed properly to attract our team crews who are new generations and old generations. The company aims to make this office as the second home to inspire and make all team members to be happy with working as much as possible.

If you are facing with the problems on outbreak of insects and pests or if you are facing with any danger caused by infection and diseases or if you are facing with inappropriate environment for living, we can solve these problems by our professional specialists that will provide you services with integrity and safety. All works are able to be monitored and all of our businesses are driven by realization on Thailand’s environment and living of Thai people. Consequently, we have a social mission to improve health, hygiene, cleanliness, and safety of all Thai people.

Advance in a Nutshell

We are an organization striving to develop our work quality continuously.

We are striving to respond to customers’ demand with quality services, punctuality, and reliability.

We are an organization striving to develop and support everyone in our organization with integrity.

We have a social mission to improve health, hygiene (เครื่องจ่ายแอลกอฮอล์), cleanliness (บริษัททำความสะอาด),  Termite Control in Thailand (กำจัดปลวก, กำจัดปลวกระบบเหยื่อ), Cockroach Control (กำจัดแมลงสาบ) and safety of all Thai people.

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