Palestine, January 23, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE,  A new method and distinctive style of motivation is currently being delivered by Ahmad AlSarghali.  In a time where individual motivation has become an essential and necessary element to be able to continue and succeed in these difficult circumstances Ahmed’s intervention is both timely and necessary. Indeed, Ahmed is a pioneer, one of the first to recognise the increasing pressures on the shoulders of young people and has taken it upon himself to help educate, motivate and train this next generation so they too can achieve their dreams and ambitions.

Ahmad AlSarghali began his journey of self-help motivation in May 2019 and today has more than 60k followers on Instagram. This rapid success is a consequence of Ahmed’s unique delivery of motivational tips and the inspiring videos he creates. Indeed, he is able to draw upon the realities of practical life and address the core issues which affect success in a format that is both educational and inspiring. Questions such as ‘How to deal with your surroundings and the people around you?’ How do you enhance self-confidence?’ ‘How can you distinguish yourself from others?’ How should you face the challenges of life?’ are among his most viewed topics. 

Explaining his motivations for developing this venture, Al-Sarghali has said: “We know the enormous amount of burden and pressure the young people feel at this stage of their lives, and because I was hoping to find someone to motivate me and give me advice in life when I was at their age, today I’m trying as much as possible to help young people and students who are facing difficult challenges and are unsure of how to reach their dreams.”

In addition to his Instagram account, Al-Sarghali also assists students from various Palestinian universities by helping them prepare for a career in business. Through his workshops he takes a numbers of students each semester under his wing and trains them. From his tutelage they learn how to be effective in daily work tasks and in the techniques needed to successfully adapt to a business environment.  The impact of his work, its capacity to transform lives, has resulted in Ahmed receiving numerous invitations from Palestinian universities to give lectures and hold workshops on motivation, positive energy, and the realities of working life.

Ahmad Al-Sarghali is from Tulkarm and was born in Nablus on 29th December 1982. Alsarghali holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and high diploma in business administration from An-Najah National University. He has been working in Media and production for more than 16 years beginning with  working at Al-Fajr TV  in 2004. In 2012, after the death of al fajer TV founder Dr. Sameer Al-Sarghali, he was elected as the new General manager. Al fajer TV ranked according to (ipoke) website as the most watched Palestinian TV channel in 2020.  

Ahmad Al-Sarghali also holds the position of Marketing Communications and Public Relations director and the authorized spokesperson for Paltel, the largest Palestinian telecommunications company.

Al-Sarghali is a recognized influencer where he started  motivational Instagram videos with  impactful  content at the end of 2019. These videos are about the issues and obstacles which he and his team are going through and how to convert difficult situations into opportunities and achievements.