San Francisco, CA, 28 April 2021, ZEXPRWIREAnother Meme Token, but this time run by duo Lawrence Heaslip and Jacques Dutel, is beginning to make waves in the altcoin underground and even somewhat above ground stirring up some media attention in the heart of silicon valley. The token was created with intentions of creating a fun, humorous community, where the market could not be manipulated by whales or rug pulls while at the same time creating memes out of the founders’ faces.

At the time of writing the token has a 1M market cap and the duo says they have big plans moving forward and little time to get everything organized by the major push from the already rapidly growing community of What Do You Meme Token.

When visiting their website, you can in-fact find that their company is a registered limited liability company with the secretary of state of Mississippi.

They did say they are working quickly to release the new NFT Platform with a forum board integration which will allow users to buy and sell NFT Memes and allow for a rewarding system into a sister token named blackpapers.

While a lot of the meme tokens have no utility, the duo says they plan to implement a full use case behind the token which will revolutionize the meme token community along with the sister token blackpapers which will vet and license new meme tokens. A good place to start is by checking out the latest YouTube video posted by the team

More details will be released as the story progresses.

Media Contact

Name: Lawrence Heaslip
Email: [email protected]