In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, lockdown is inflicted nationwide by several governments. People are advised to stay indoors to break the transmission chain. It has suspended several businesses, and consumers are switching to online platforms to fulfill their basic needs as they are limited from visiting physical stores.

While some companies are struggling to keep up with the changing business environment, many have taken advantage of the current situation. They have taken their services on-demand, allowing users to avail them online. Some businesses even launched their own applications to encash on this opportunity.

Of several apps, multi-services apps are the most sought after app solutions as they incorporate several essential services in one app. People find these apps convenient as they allow them to order food and grocery, consult doctors, send parcels, and more. Everything by accessing a single multi-services app.

Food delivery, ​grocery delivery​, courier delivery, online healthcare consultation are some businesses that are in vogue among the 52+ services available in the multi-services app. While existing on-demand applications are looking for ways to deliver orders contactless, new apps are finding their ways to reach their potential customers.

The leading app development company Appdupe offers ​ready-made Gojek clone app solutions ​that can be quickly customized in just 5 days as per the business needs. Companies that developed apps with them have shared positive Appdupe reviews, helping other businesses to make informed decisions. They are flocking to develop their multi-service app to earn ROI in a short period.

“As the pandemic has forced people across the world to be stuck at home, apps will get a big boost in both installs and revenue. Though the pandemic might seriously hit a string of industries, mobile marketing will be less stricken in the short term,” stated Chief Marketing Officer of Appdupe.

The Gojek clone solutions offered by Appdupe is known to accommodate more than 52 on-demand services. Businesses can provide only the services they prefer and turn other services off using the toggle mode.

Upon request, they provide a free live demo for businesses willing to get their app developed with them.