Ariva Coin, ARV now live on eight new exchanges

Kiel, Germany, 29 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Ariva, a next-generation tourism & travel blockchain protocol, has revealed the listing of its coin ARV on eight new exchanges. This development comes as part of its efforts to increase the adoption of ARV and expand its ecosystem.  

According to the report, in addition to Probit Global, and PancakeSwap, ARV is now live on exchanges like Lbank, Whitebit, Hotbit, Azbit, Dsdaq, DodoBsc, SushiSwap, 1inch. With these listings, users can trade for the utility token and swap for other cryptocurrencies and fiat.

ARV is a BEP-20 token that serves as the utility token on Ariva. Holders can use it to purchase products and services from merchants within the Ariva ecosystem. ARV has a total supply of 100 billion and a circulating supply of around 50 billion. 

According to the report, great surprises await ARV followers. The listing on these exchanges follows the initial listing of ARV on Tier-1 exchange listings would be announced on October 7, 2021. 

A fast-growing ecosystem 

Ariva has experienced rapid growth in recent months due to its focus on the travel and tourism industry. It intends to modernize the travel and tourism industry by introducing a blockchain-based hub with different products and features. 

To achieve its aims, Ariva is developing three key products, namely Ariva.World, Ariva.Club and Ariva.Finance. Ariva.World is the travel and tourism network that is designed to connect travellers with service providers in the tourism industry. It features an online store where merchants can list valuable goods and artefacts sold for cryptocurrencies. 

Tourists can also pay for tickets, vacation bookings and more using supported cryptocurrencies. Ariva.World also features a travel review blog that incentivizes both authors and contributors to share their travel stories. 

Ariva.Finance is the payment gateway that enables merchants to accept crypto payments. The payment gateway has different versions that can be deployed on websites, mobile apps and POS machines. 

Ariva.Club is a social media platform dedicated to the travel and tourism industry. It allows anyone to register and share their travelling stories. Users can also connect to other tourists and recommend service providers. 

About Ariva

Ariva is a blockchain ecosystem dedicated to building innovative products for the tourism and travel industry. Its ecosystem is fueled by the ARV coin, a BEP-20 token that serves as a payment and utility token within the Ariva ecosystem. You can learn more about Ariva by visiting the website

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Published On: September 29, 2021