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The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted small to medium sized businesses. As states permit, business owners are looking at ways to safely reopen keeping the health and safety of their employees and customers in mind.


CDC and OSHA have issued interim guidance but there is no definitive playbook available to businesses to reopen. Larger businesses are able to mobilize teams with all needed resources and personnel which the small and medium sized businesses are not equipped to do. Artemis Care Inc. is excited to announce their COVID-19 Back-To-Work platform that provides a ready-to-use playbook based on CDC and OSHA guidance to allow businesses to open with confidence.   


The ArtemisCare COVID-19 Back-To-Work platform is designed to support healthcare facilities, government offices, restaurants, and other customer facing businesses to develop and implement a comprehensive Infectious Disease Response Plan. 


The ArtemisCare COVID-19 Back-To-Work platform helps to:

        Develop a detailed Infectious Disease Response Plan tailored to meet the needs of the business

        Perform a facility hazard assessment with a customizable template

        Establish a robust employee and customer communication strategy

        Categorize job function risk and associated PPE requirements

        Design and implement employee, facilities and administrative controls to meet business needs

        Identify potential supply-chain and resource vulnerabilities

        Monitor/measure controls proactively through analytics/reporting

        Provide education/awareness training material   



“With my experience in Healthcare technologies, such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring, I strongly believe in our ability to improve the health and well-being of our subscribers using technology with timely human intervention. Through my volunteering activities, I have personally seen the impact of COVID-19, especially in senior homes and long term care facilities. Much of that impact could have been prevented through the use of technology and systemic protocols. This realization prompted Artemis Care Inc to come up with an easy to use platform to help businesses win back the confidence of their employees and customers” said Arun Bantval, President of Artemis Care Inc.


To sign-up for ArtemisCare COVID-19 Back-To-Work platform, please register here.


About Artemis Care Inc.


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