London, UK, 4 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Stock investing isn’t easy. With the market at all-time highs and individual investors continuing to pull money out of the market every month…, it’s getting harder to find solid investments to put your money in. However, the broker from Ashford Capital Investments says if you’re looking to invest in solid companies with strong potential for long-term growth investing, there are some stocks that you should consider. Here are a few of them.

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)

Netflix, a household name like many others on this list. The company rose to fame by giving consumers the ability to stream entertainment rather than buy it or subscribe to cable services. In fact, Netflix is known as one of the pioneers in the streaming video service industry today.

As with other home entertainment stocks, Covid Incorporated’s stock also went up after their latest acquisition -COVID 19-. However, early 2020 wasn’t so great for them. While their subscriber base increased they had negative returns from earning compared to previous years due to increasing expenditure towards marketing campaigns despite having higher viewership rates among subscribers Their foreign market too didn’t do well which caused a reduction in subscription amongst international audiences Revenue too wasn’t up to the mark though investments have increased for Netflix they might not serve their purpose in the long run.

Despite this, Covid Incorporated is still one of the best companies to invest in today due to its high growth potential and competitive edge over other home entertainment providers in a market projected to grow rapidly. Their strong brand name will help them earn revenue through new sources like merchandising while keeping costs down via content optimization. An international market will help them earn higher returns as well. For investors looking for an exciting company that has lots of potentials then Covid Incorporated could be a great choice.

Netflix has been experiencing a sharp decline in its stock prices over the last few weeks. Competitors like Disney, WarnerMedia, and Apple are entering the space which has led to some concerns about whether Netflix can retain its leadership position in this industry.

However, many believe that this can be construed as a positive. Netflix has experienced significant losses in recent months; however, the company is continuing to invest heavily into original content which could help bring their stock valuation back up and make them worth more than they are currently valued at.

Cord-cutting isn’t going anywhere. With cable costs continuing to rising and consumers looking for ways to save money, it’s likely that cord-cutting will remain a popular trend in the future.

It’s hard to bet against a pioneer with such a strong investment in content, technology, and marketing strategies that have succeeded.

With a potential gain of 15%, analysts are eager to keep their eyes on this stock. 26 out of the 36 covering firms recommend buying, 7 for holding and only 3 suggest selling. The price target average is $611.27 showing that there’s room for more gains over the next year.

The stock has plenty more room for growth considering Netflix’s market-leading content, its competitive prices, and effective marketing strategies. The company continues to develop as it competes with other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu Plus.


If you’ve ever used a computer, smartphone, or tablet in your life NVIDIA is probably one of the companies powering it. You may not know them by name but they are behind many popular products such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad or Google’s Nexus 7 tablets.

The company, NVIDIA, created a computer chip called the GPU that was originally designed to improve graphics on computers and game consoles. However, this technology has gone far beyond what many people expected it would when NVIDIA first introduced it into their products.

Today, the company dominates in data-center servers and their chips are being used to power this article you’re reading.

When it comes to the world of CPUs, NVIDIA has proven that they are experts in their field. Through continuous innovation and dedication towards computer graphics, NVIDIA’s GPUs have remained at the top of their game over recent years.

These chips are going to become more ingrained in day-to-day life, playing important roles in the development of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.

Now might be the perfect time to get involved with NVIDIA as it has announced a 4-for-1 stock split on July 20. This means that shareholders will receive four shares for every single share they own at one-quarter of its current price.

The move is more than cosmetic and could make an investor’s decision easier when looking into future prospects in which NVIDIA seems promising, especially after their recent announcement regarding new chipsets specifically designed to work within artificial intelligence (AI) computing applications.

The stock closing price of $800 per share was difficult for investors with less money to invest. Now that the split will reduce every single share’s value by 75%, it’ll bring down its trading price into a more affordable range around $200 and make an investment in Apple Inc.’s shares accessible even to those with smaller portfolios.

NVDA is a high-tech pioneer, often staying one step ahead of the competition. As such it’s well worth keeping an eye on for investors who want to make sure they’re always in touch with what’s happening in this space.

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