London, UK, 4th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIREThe year 2021 was one of the hottest on record for markets, with both an election and a string or records broken in its duration. Many investors were left wondering what to expect after such an unpredictable year; nobody could have guessed how much volatility we would see! But now that 2022 is here (and safely behind us), it seems like everything has fallen into place–not only did most people get their bets right about how this unstable 2019/2020 cycle was going end up lasting just 12 months long but also where each market may potentially head next given all differentials between countries around our globe’s current climate crisis situation.

Mike Goldman, a broker from Ashford Capital Investments: Coronavirus had a profound effect on Wall Street. The virus, which was first reported in Mexico and Asia early this year quickly spread to more countries including the US where it became an epidemic causing many deaths while also forcing major changes within healthcare systems worldwide. It’s not just one of those things you hear about; we’re talking real life impacts here people! Investors everywhere were turned into runners trying desperately (and unsuccessfully) to avoid getting infected themselves – but even though everyone knows what happened there is still some uncertainty surrounding upcoming market movements because investors are left wondering whether volatility will continue into 2020 or if markets have bottomed out yet after climbing back up following that historic downturn last spring.

How did we get from there to here? Last spring, as the crisis worsened and people were dying from this virus all over the world, markets suffered a downturn. As the economic chaos grew, many investors feared that their portfolios would suffer as a result of further monetary policy changes including interest rates increasing. But as the biggest epidemic in history began to subside it seemed that our worst fears were being avoided after floating rate mortgage pressures helped equities rebound. We’re going into 2020 with European equity futures at a negative -2% next year trailing just behind Japan’s -8% which is also down from its earlier +(-)3% expectations following a sharp decline over the summer. Investors have been cautiously optimistic about these kinds of developments led by more accommodative central banks which have been more concerned about the health of the economy rather than inflation or other financial indicators.

The best stocks to buy are now a direct result of the pandemic (and impending recovery). And here’s how you can take advantage. The market has changed forever, making these five companies your best options for investing money as things heat up again!

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (ADR) (OTC: SSNLF) – Samsung has a strong foothold in many technology markets and is also one of the only large companies that did not see its shares decline throughout the summer. That’s because Samsung’s semiconductor division continued to expand by taking advantage of demand from carmakers. If this trend continues, Samsung could benefit from an increase in consumer spending on automobiles.

DocuSign, Inc. – DocuSign, Inc. is a company that offers various digital products and services for the signing of agreements in an efficient manner without the hassle or waste associated with physical documents. With Docusign’s help companies across all sizes can digitally prepare, sign on behalf of themselves and other parties involved; act upon their signed agreement using one platform which helps clients be timelier while still securing sensitive information like signatures from each party individually when necessary, through encryption methods such as SHA256 Data Encryption Algorithm (AES 256bit). DocuSign is definitely a company you want to keep an eye on in the coming months.

Pandora Media, Inc. – Pandora media is probably one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to digital music and other media such as podcasts and videos. People can use this free service for listening to any songs they like at their own leisure away from home or work while also having access to ad-free premium features anytime if they so choose. The best part is that this platform allows for users to listen and discover new artists and genres which could potentially help them publish albums of their own. And with shares climbing up following their latest earnings report showing signs of growing subscribership managed by continued efforts into monetization we think that now might be a good time to consider an investment.

Nokia Corp (ADR) (NYSE: NOK) – Nokia is a telecommunications company, and as such it has benefited from the increased connectivity efforts by various governments in regions all over the world as they work towards completing their 5G technology goals. As fellow Forbes reporter covered back in May, Nokia shares saw double-digit gains during that month alone and then again in July which led into August with some analysts believing that we will see even greater success for this Finnish company. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that we agree with those sentiments.

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