Ashford Capital Investments Broker Says There Have Been Few Companies That Have Had A Top Rating From Financial Analysts In Green Stocks

London, UK, 5th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Green energy is a booming industry, but it has been tough going for green stocks on the market. Recently financial analysts gave top ratings to very few companies in this space and that might be because they’re not yet confident enough with their investments or there just isn’t enough information available about them at present time – which makes sense since these aren’t really “new industries.” Ashford Capital Investments Broker Sydney Cohen Says Nonetheless we can see how much potential exists as more people adopt sustainable practices like solar power which could help fuel demand overall should things stay unstable abroad thanks largely due also believe international agreements reached last year concerning climate change that will likely help to reduce demand for fossil fuels like coal and oil.

Indeed, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), the world’s largest company by market cap isn’t waiting around; it dropped $850 million (U.S.) in financing for Sunseap Group, which controls solar panels across rooftops of homes throughout Singapore.

This could prove to be a boon not only for the country but also for Apple. Through this deal, Sunseap is now able to expand its network of solar panels significantly which already stands at 350 megawatts of capacity and that means more business and more jobs at least according to Apple CEO Tim Cook who said: “We’re excited about how our investment in Sunseap will make renewables available to more people, allowing them to join the movement toward a healthier planet. We believe our contribution will meaningfully accelerate Singapore’s progress in its transition to a greener economy.”

It comes at no surprise that Apple is taking this route considering in recent years it has been trying to go green in a big way. Last year, Cook also said that he is “optimistic” that global governments might take more action on climate change after last year’s Paris Agreement which came into force in November once 55 countries accounting for 55 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions ratified the deal. In fact since then companies have been scrambling to make sure they meet requirements set by this agreement with some even going beyond them already.  In May, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk announced that his company will not only be closing all of its coal-powered stores but also would install solar panels and batteries at their locations.

Apple has been making green moves for years now, including since Cook took over as CEO in 2011. He has taken the company further than his predecessor Steve Jobs ever did when it comes to going green. In fact, around that time it was revealed that Apple is offsetting its energy from dirty sources by buying 36 million kilowatt hours worth of clean power annually through a deal with First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR) . It also aims to have 100% of data centers worldwide powered by renewable energy within the next few years.

It makes sense then that the company would also want to do this for other things including how it powers its retail stores. For example, since 2013 Apple has been building and managing solar farms that produce electricity for all of its locations worldwide. This led to the company achieving its goal of powering all of its stores completely by renewable energy last year which was preceded by nearly 300 stores in 23 countries having either an on-site solar system or biogas fuel cells.

A New York Times article published last year showed examples of how impressive these efforts are when it comes to creating jobs. The report noted that Apple’s suppliers spent more than $3 billion (U.S.) on clean energy projects in 2015 alone thus creating tens of thousands of jobs. More importantly though, it claims that Apple is “leading a shift among corporate giants” when it comes to transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

In fact, it recently came out that in 2015 Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is the cloud computing arm of Amazon stated in a report that nearly 40 percent of its operations worldwide were being powered by clean sources at the start of this year. This figure doesn’t even include the number Amazon has for its own facilities which are also powered completely by renewables.

Some people might still think that these efforts made by companies like Apple and Amazon aren’t enough but they’re actually pretty good given what we have been doing over the years during times where climate change wasn’t an issue yet. In fact, up until around the late 1980s renewable energy only accounted for around 1 percent of the total energy used globally. This figure has jumped to around 14 percent now which means it’s being viewed as fairly important.

It is also worth noting that Apple’s efforts have been pretty well received by the general public too with its clean power plans getting good press coverage over the years including last year when it announced that it hit its goal of powering all stores worldwide using renewables. The company has also won praise not just because of this but also because its products are among some of the more environmentally friendly ones out there given how much less they contribute to e-waste compared to other devices like smartphones and computers.

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Published On: February 5, 2022