London, England, 20 March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Ashward, an innovative play-to-earn game, has announced that it will be available soon. Ashward intends to provide a world in which players will become explorers and conquerors in the medieval age with nostalgic pixel graphics and fantasy creatures. The game will lay the foundation for the team’s upcoming products and give players a glimpse into the Metaverse the team plan to build in the future. The gaming ecosystem is designed to reward participation through the in-game utility token $ASC and true ownership of gaming assets as NFTs.

Ashward intends to use blockchain to build a decentralized system that will allow players to earn rewards while playing the game. The primary goal is to eliminate centralized control over the trading of virtual goods and digital assets created by players, which prevents them from generating a fair value for their creations. According to its litepaper, Ashward aims to increase blockchain adoption by developing a robust gaming platform where creators can play, share, collect, and trade in a decentralized manner while retaining copyright ownership and earning profits.

The Ashward gaming ecosystem is one of several games that make up the medieval metaverse. The metaverse is designed in such a way that each connected game can share specific NFTs with one another. It’s worth noting that all of these attributes combine to make the gaming ecosystem an interactive and immersive entertainment world.

The Ashward ecosystem has positioned itself as a user-friendly  and accessible ecosystem. The game will be available on all major platforms, including desktop, mobile, and web. Another advantage of the game is that it is inexpensive to begin playing. To begin the game, players can choose to buy a chest containing heroes or rent heroes from other players on the marketplace. Players can also generate passive income by yield farming and renting out their heroes to other players.

The gaming ecosystem includes six game modes: Casual, Raid, Adventure, Kingdom Guardian, Battle Royale, and Competitive. The game modes are simple to learn yet difficult to master; however, the gameplay is addictive and engaging.

It’s worth noting that Ashward is a strategy game centered on a never-ending battle between three races: humans, fairies, and monsters. Each character in the game has unique skills, attributes, and parameters that determine which squad to use during combat.

$ASC is the core token of the Ashward ecosystem, which is powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and is designed to be the ecosystem’s currency for in-game activities. Furthermore,  Staking is another way for players to gain ASC tokens as a passive source of income. 

Ashward also successfully launched IDO on TrustPad and NFTPad, selling out the allocated $ASC supply in a matter of minutes. Ashward would also have two additional IDO rounds on various launchpads, including MochiPad and NFTPad. These IDOs are scheduled to go live on March 18th, followed by the last IDO round on Ashward’s native launchpad. Testnet campaigns are also set to begin in March, and $ASC will be listed on 4 pm UTC 18th March, on popular decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, as well as top cryptocurrency ranking sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

“The unveiling of our plans for the Ashward ecosystem and the gameplay helped us to grow our community,” says Ashward co-founder Andy Phi. We want everyone to understand that we are doing things differently than other gaming ecosystems. Our watchword is decentralization, and we’re committed to seeing our community reap the full benefits of decentralization and a fantastic play-to-earn game.”

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