AT Institute Keeps The Family Close And Announces New Executive Director

Mississauga ON, 9 March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, AT Institute has created an ecosystem of exceptional Appliance Service Technicians and HVAC technicians across Canada for the past five years. 

The entrepreneurial spirit has been passed down from generation to generation, starting with Chris Czupiel – the owner of Toronto Appliances Service, and his son Andrey – the founder of Appliance Technical Institute of Canada. Keeping the family business in-house, Kataryna Czupiel, the daughter and sister of Chris and Andrey, has been named the new Executive Director of Appliance Technical Institute of Canada, a registered Private Career College in Ontario.

Kataryna has played an integral role in the family business by acting as the Director of Operations at AT Institute since 2018. She’s been overseeing the college’s operations, building a team under her wing, and garnering key industry partnerships. 

Her former role as Director of Operations at AT Institute has allowed the easy transition into her new position as the new Executive Director. Also, she graduated from one of Ontario’s prestigious post-secondary institutions, Ryerson University studying business. Her knowledge in accounting and budgeting was vital to the success of AT Institute. “I found myself searching for my voice, which was a challenging task to do in this industry. But, I found it now, and a woman with a voice is a powerful woman in and of itself. I implore all women to search for your voice and make it heard,” said Kataryna.  

“Appointing Kataryna as the Executive Director was a natural move for AT Institute. The industry understands what Kataryna can do, taking the appliance servicing industry to new heights and bringing in more technicians. Kataryna has an undeniable track record of business growth with AT Institute,” said Chris Czupiel, President of Appliance Technical Institute of Canada.

Working in a male-dominated industry has not stopped Kataryna from keeping her eye on the prize. “I knew for a long time that becoming Executive Director was my ultimate goal, as I saw the trends evolve in the skilled trades through the COVID-19 pandemic. I understood that more people would look to get into the skilled trades, as it is a pandemic proof career path,” said Kataryna.

Since 2017, AT Institute has proudly trained over 800 technicians and several graduates across the country, including Southern Ontario, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. Also, Appliance Technical Institute of Canada is the only appliance servicing training center in Central and Eastern Canada. 

Opening Appliance Technical Institute of Canada has opened access to various employment opportunities across Canada. It has created a technician pipeline for leading manufacturing companies such as LG Canada, Samsung Canada, Whirlpool Canada, and Electrolux. 

AT Institute’s vision and plans are to open more campuses across Ontario to serve communities in Ontario’s Western and Eastern parts. With Kataryna being the new Executive Director, she is keen on elevating the training programs, empowering students to become leaders, and empowering those around them. She stresses the importance of emotional intelligence and why it’s essential for leaders. Emotional intelligence is defined by four attributes: Self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management—all fundamental attributes of leadership.

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Published On: March 9, 2022