PHILADELPHIA — Atleo, a new information technology company, has officially launched, specializing within the cosmetic, food and beverage, and other consumer goods industries. Atleo is a cloud-based product management and compliance solution for formulation, regulatory assessments, supplier management and tracking quality events.

Today, these operations are separated across multiple systems and information easily gets lost within email threads and legacy documents, making it difficult to paint an accurate picture of how your products are made. Atleo provides the best pieces of PLMs, ERPs and CRMs combined, keeping the entire team within one central system and using the same master data. Some of the additional features that Atleo customers benefit from include:

  • Increase visibility of products, providing real time cost and ingredient totals as you build.
  • Regulatory compliance testing against industry restrictions, helping ensure your brand stays protected.
  • Audit trails and tracking time-to-complete, helping identify business gaps.
  • Reduce costly recalls and adverse events with flexible workflow approval processes taking place the first time.
  • Easily tackle a rapidly changing regulatory market by quickly managing change control and documentation updates when new laws are passed.

Atleo is looking to assist their customers achieve better product insight, while reducing overhead costs and system maintenance, allowing them to focus on creating safer products for the future.

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