Augment Your Reality in the Dexiverse and Earn Real Crypto

Ohio, USA, 8th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Augmented reality is not a new idea. Ever since humans first began their journey to technosapien, the idea of overlaying our reality with a computer-augmented one has been in vogue. Imagine setting a destination location and in front of your very eyes a digital trail emerges guiding you to your destination. Your very own mission waypoint, with your eyes scanning local landmarks and businesses for history and information.

It sounds very sci-fi, and – despite being postulated many decades ago – it remains so. Technology hasn’t quite caught up in terms of wearables, but far more importantly the underlying ecosystem that would drive this augmented reality came with some awkward caveats. Who is providing the service? Is this just a route to advertising to me? Is my data being extracted? All these concerns, and tech impediments, made AR a deeply niche product category.

Blockchain and Crypto Making AR FInally Viable

Until the blockchain. Until the metaverse. Until (maybe) a global pandemic that fused humanity ever closer to the machine and a new generation’s comfort with virtual worlds as the main – or even only – form of social interaction. A generation who see their smartphones as complete extensions of their bodies, and the primary key through which they access the world around them. 

Combine that with crypto, NFTs, and the ability to ascribe digital ownership in irrefutable, tamperproof ways – then suddenly augmented reality became a very exciting topic indeed, with billions invested in dedicated headset hardware and, crucially, better AR tech that works directly through most people’s smartphones. 

Reality now had a true virtual sibling, the metaverse, with which it could now intermesh and overlap. That doing things in AR could yield benefits in the real world and vice versa. That connections made through AR, whether social or being businesses and customers, could benefit both parties – rather than benefit being extracted by the centralised creator of the augmented reality itself, in turn creating a flourishing, decentralised economy of end-users – and being a heck of a lot of fun!

How Dexioprotocol Captures the Dream of AR

Heady, high-concept stuff. Yet that is the promise that projects like Dexioprotocol’s DexiHunter, aim to unlock. DexiHunter is a mobile gaming application that is a portal to a worldwide augmented reality universe called the Dexiverse.

It is littered with prizes for intrepid explorers to discover in the form of bounties put up by local businesses, landmarks, game companies, or anyone else. Prizes range from crypto to NFTs to literally free lunches, fostering connections and mutual benefit, with businesses getting exposure and users getting rewarded for spending time in the Dexiverse.

That’s just one example of how DexiHunter commingles with the wider Dexioprotocol ecosystem. It’s not just crypto, but in-game assets for the games in the DexiGameVault too, as well as assets by other game developers in the CreatorHub. Imagine, you could be relaxing in downtown Atlanta, before stumbling across a Wizards Hat for DexiDragons for use in-game. 

Think of your favourite triple-A game; now imagine finding some game currency at your local Starbucks, or a powerful item at a new restaurant, and you can imagine the potential the Dexiverse has. In service of this, strewn throughout the Dexiverse is also DexiCash, a non-blockchain currency that can be used in everything in the DexiGameVault, akin to vBucks in Fortnite.

What are DexiZones?

The Dexiverse is tied together through DexiZones. These zones are immutable geo-fenced (i.e, they are tied 1:1 with real areas of the world) areas in the Dexiverse that players can own. It’s like owning your own little country within the Dexiverse. DexiZone owners can even subdivide their land and sell parcels of it to other operators. The DexiDao created the initial 250 DexiZones, which are due to be auctioned off.

Proprietors of DexiZones (who will also form part of the DexiDao) will have rights to a portion of economic activity that takes place within their zone. For example, a local cafe who puts up a crypto bounty or business voucher to advertise to local wanderers in AR, will pay a percentage of that bounty to the DexiZone operators. 

To gain this privilege, operators will have to stake significant amounts of $DEXI within Dexioprotocol itself. DexiZone operators will also earn yield from a pool of $DEXI managed by the DexiDAO which is gleaned from NFT sales, NFT royalties, and other activities in the Dexiverse. DexiZone operators will be expected to make connections to local businesses and promote business and customer activity in their zones, increase the value of the area and to drive engagement with the Dexiverse as a whole. 

How Everyone Wins With Dexioprotocol

In doing this, they will add value to their area of the Dexiverse and create knock-on value for everyone else in the ecosystem. Imagine having a prime piece of DexiZone real-estate – the site of a major crypto conference for example, one that you have wooed to your area. The attendant rewards by having tens of thousands of crypto users come to that one location and use the Dexiverse seamlessly on site, through your DexiZone, and letting you as proprietor collect the rewards from that business activity, results in a major incentive for the careful husbandry and expansion of DexiZones all over the world by all the staked players in the DexiDao ecosystem.

One way they can do this, in concert with the DexiDAO, is release NFT collections specialised to their local DexiZone with special rewards for those who hold the NFT while in the area in real life; almost like getting a deluxe all access pass when visiting a real world location, making the occasion that much more special. Or just having the NFT for your local area so you can take advantage of all the latest opportunities.

Find Your New Reality in the Dexiverse

DexiHunter is an AR universe that really thrusts benefits into the hands of the end-user and drives engagement and uptake with the world around them, helping them discover new experiences and get incredible rewards for getting out and exploring. Over time, players will build their profiles and meet like-minded individuals directly through AR, breaking ice in new situations and forging powerful new connections. 

In this way, augmented reality is poised to change the way we interact, and Dexioprotocol will be at the forefront of that change. Real crypto Bounties are already waiting to be collected so, next time you go for a walk, fire up DexiHunter and see what awaits you in the augmented universe hidden through a lens.

Published On: February 8, 2023