Australian Owned Tech Tasker Platform onlineTEKI Announces Intention to Proactively Attract Remote Freelancers From Around the World to their Platform

Australia, 2nd March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE OnlineTEKI connects talented IT technicians, internet experts and remote digital content freelancers with busy parents who want remote assistance with their technology, IT or digital content work on a task by task basis. 

onlineTEKI are now embarking on a new journey to raise awareness of their tasker platform for new TEKI’s to perform the tasks, and customers around the world to hire them. 

From their new custom built website TEKI.Training the co-founders present useful training and professional training courses to help elevate freelancers who want to be a TEKI on the platform. 

Motivated out of sheer frustration with the poor remote tech support they had received in the past, Kate Luella and Michelle Ferbrache (co-founders of set about creating a new and fresh way for busy parents to access tech and IT support people, on demand, from anywhere in the world remotely. 

onlineTEKI’s purpose is to connect talented IT technicians, internet experts and remote digital content freelancers with busy parents who want help with their technology, IT or digital content work remotely. 

In order to adequately provide the services required on the platform, the co-founders are now proactively building awareness of the platform and how it works, in order to grow their database of TEKI’s to perform the tasks. The goal is to attract the best freelancers from around the world to join and bid on the onlineTEKI tasks as and when they are listed by customers.

A new custom built website has been built by the co-founders to connect with TEKI’s (new and existing) on how to offer services that are in demand on onlineTEKI platform. The new TEKI.Training website has free training on starting as a tech freelancer from scratch, or building out an established business looking for more market share on the onlineTEKI platform.

TEKI.Training includes various training options, including live discussions on social media. At a time when remote work is more desirable than ever, and many people have been put off work due to Covid, TEKI.Training offers hope to people who are eager to start earning income again, from home working for themselves.

The benefits of freelancing are more popular than ever, and the TEKI.Training harnesses this current popular work lifestyle.

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The onlineTEKI platform is the perfect IT and tech support solution for 2021 and beyond. onlineTEKI is an Australian owned technology support, internet and digital task platform connecting talented technicians, internet experts and remote freelancers with busy people who want to outsource their technology and internet tasks on demand!

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Published On: March 2, 2021