Bahrain BSK Foundation announces BSK coin airdrop for Bitcoin users worldwide

The Bahrain BSK Foundation (BTCSKR BAHRAIN CO.W.L.L) has announced that it will conduct an airdrop of the Bitcoin hard fork coin BSK (BtcSKR) to Bitcoin (BTC) holders worldwide in July. This is a major event happening after seven years, during which the BSK (BtcSKR) Foundation plans to introduce a new BSK wallet.

The BSK (BtcSKR) Foundation, in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley, has improved Bitcoin’s P2P network, public ledger, consensus rules, and mining methods. Particularly, BtcSKR, which uses a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm, can be mined quickly without energy consumption and is expected to be used as a remittance and payment method in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The total supply is 2.1 billion, with 42 million pre-mined, and 2.1 million will be distributed via airdrop. The remaining 98% will be distributed through public mining over more than 100 years. The BSK Foundation plans to ensure transparent and automated operations by constructing all systems based on blockchain-based smart contracts.

A representative from the Bahrain BSK Foundation stated, “This airdrop event is expected to bring innovative changes to the cryptocurrency industry and provide additional liquidity to exchanges.”

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Published On: July 5, 2024