France, 28 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The main singer PT delivers psychedelic rock and knowledge at the same time in an album that seems to have many hidden messages. The approach of this band is original, free and never before seen. Indeed, the listener can enjoy the depth of a rising consciousness in a true rock n roll album which is more than pleasant. From the steady percussion, foundational bass and catchy electric guitar progression that provide the perfect platform for the stylistic vocal line of ‘Return of the Birdman’, the dynamically panned vocals that amalgamate with the upbeat instrumentation to create the immersive experience of ‘Venus’, to the memorable clean guitar progression and seamlessly layered backing vocal harmonies of ‘Magic Lake’, BeOmega really push the boundaries of coolness and truly redefine what good music is. One cannot help but feel uplifted and refreshed after these 11 revolutionary tracks.

BeOmega  burst  onto  the  streaming  scene  in  2004.   BeOmega  don’t  perform  at conventional concerts, but rather play “in crop circles that appear around Wiltshire, UK”. To date,  BeOmega  have  one album  in their  online discography, their debut album ‘Outer Edge of Musiverse’. With a second album about to drop,  BeOmega

are on track to build some serious momentum going into the second half of 2021.

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