London, UK, 7th Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRECryptocurrency investors, celebrating yet another year of double-digit returns on their cryptocurrency investments with the S&P 500 more than doubling up its average annual total return in 2021. At this time last year we were waiting for 2021 to come around and even though there has been some volatility along the way — especially from December’s bitcoin crash which saw prices dip below $6k USD for about two months before recovering back towards prebuilt market levels now at least partially due to our hedging strategy (to prevent further losses) -on balance investors are wealthier thanks largely due 3 things: 1) Investing early pays off as Bitcoin continues dominating markets; 2) Ethereum and Litecoin continue to be the best performing altcoins from the bear market lows, 3) Cryptocurrency is still in a bull market.

BigBitMarket broker Marek Herman says It’s not all gloom for investors in cryptocurrency. In fact, with extreme periods of volatility and opportunity still knocking on the door, there are a few cryptocurrencies that have the potential to triple your money by next year! Here they are:

Avalanche: The most exciting cryptocurrency by market cap is Avalanche (CRYPTO: AVAX). Not only does it have the potential for a triple in value this year, but also its smart contract-driven blockchain network makes it an attractive candidate with which to develop dApps. The speed and compatibility of these currencies make them perfect candidates when building decentralized applications that will soon be taking over our world!

The latest development from Avalanche Labs could be a game-changer in the world of cryptocurrency. The company claims their blockchain-based network, which they say can process over 4500 transactions per second (TPS), offers blocks less than two seconds long and has an ultimate finality time no higher than one minute – about 10 times faster than other popular blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum! This means that your coins will most likely show up on wallets connected to our network within 30 minutes instead of hours like it would otherwise take with the current system. This improvement is a potential game-changer for cryptocurrency whose future hinges on the speed of its transaction processing.

As a result, the Ethereum Virtual Machine will be running on top of its blockchain in 2022. This means that dApp developers can avoid all congestion and high fees associated with using an EVM-based system while still having access to processing lag-free development environments through Avalanche’s superior network!

Also, Avalanche’s network provides an ultra-thin client with a wallet that can be downloaded and enabled within minutes. The client doesn’t need to download the entire copy of all the transactions from the beginning of time but only those from the last block created. This makes it faster to synchronize as well as a scale without having to dump more hardware into it as each new user comes online – which ultimately mitigates bloat as well as guarantees mathematical consistency across decentralized nodes without compromising high performance!

Qtum: Qtum is a revolutionary new blockchain that aims to combine the best aspects of both Bitcoin and Ethereum into one network. It’s designed for everyday use, with a faster transaction processing time as well as low fees attached!

The team at Qtum has created an awesome platform that will not only make them popular but also triple your money by 2022 if it continues its growth trajectory in this year alone- don’t miss out on what could be a potentially lucrative investment opportunity before we reach January 5th when all crypto prices plateau!!

Qtum is a hybrid blockchain that can be used for sending payments or developing decentralized applications, including smart contracts. With low transaction fees and the ability to process 70 TPS; it’s another option in today’s crowded market of blockchains which will only get more intense with time as developers compete over who has their cryptocurrency become popular among users on these apps first—Qtums success depends upon how well they execute!

With a handful of key partnerships under its belt, Qtum is the choice for those looking to get in on this exciting new technology.

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