BillionDad Group Chairman Soumo Sarbadhikari maps out blueprint to distribute free IEO tokens ahead of launch of his embryo startup BillionOne®

London, United Kingdom, December 17th 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, The Next Dotcom Bubble 2021: Soumo Sarbadhikari. 

It happened on 23rd October 2013. Freshly out of the genesis block, the price of a single Bitcoin rallied at 580$. People took notice but talked about it like it’s not there to stay. But the second wave of Crypto Acceptance in the third week of Feb 2020 revealed that BillionDad Group’s founder was right all along. This time though, something unusual was happening as the institutions were taking heavy notice. So much so that, they were HODLING Bitcoin and Ethereum. This in turn drove up the price and the rest is history.

Back in 2014, it was unorganized chaos. Earlier that year, the infamous Silk Road closed down. And later that year, Mt Gox closed down as well. Mt Gox lost 900,000 bitcoins with a record 75% transactions done there. Numerous other miners from China and Korea were entering the marketplace. Thereby trade volumes fluctuated. It was good that the regulatory bodies thought of it as a fading star. No one was the wiser.

By 2020 Paypal, JP Morgan Chase, DBS, Microsoft, Amazon(not directly), Norwegian Air, Virgin Galactic, Twitch, ExpressVPN, Namecheap, Wikipedia, AT&T and 61 other established brands have accepted Blockchain and Bitcoin as proof of work and use it in their logistics, telecommunications, due diligence and structural data systems to facilitate another 500,000 small medium smart enterprises. These are the recognizable ones being talked in public. Another 3.5 million SMSE are already active and growing at an unprecedented rate.

What do anyone learn from this? That, it is the best possible phase to monetize it. Everyone has left the hype around it and started exploring the potential around it. This is the time when enthusiasts are quitting the beds and making a bet. A bet to be independent. Med-tech, Ed-tech or the glorious Fin-tech all are joining forces to write the digital history. One which couldn’t be done during the Dotcom boom in 2001.

The embryo stage startup BillionOne® although a subsidiary to BillionDad Group Holdings is eminently bringing a fresh new perspective to the exchange marketplace as newbies and experienced investors are taking proactive part in going cashless. In the first quarter of 2022, the group will accredit and distribute 100,000 pound tokens to the early watchers free of charge. Becoming a vetted shareholder and a vested investor of this company is as easy as a sign up. Citizens from 185 countries can apply with no strings attached.

Again, an ICO? This is not an ICO sale which is going to go dark after the funding. These IEO tokens will be accepted all across the five platforms of the group subsidiaries. Their agenda is to make the cryptocurrency accepted across billion heads. Just as the plastic card and paper currency are currently accepted. There must be something which is interconnected, understood, not converted but exchanged. Bitcoin should stay alongside the paper currency in a way that it is widely accepted in global paradigms but once inside a country, plastic and paper must be used until self-reliance on cryptocurrency is achieved.

At BillionDad Group, they have a unique niche to their advantage. They arrange unicorn investments. The name is suggestive and explanatory. From Precious Metals like Rhodium, Palladium to Yachts to Napoleon, Van Gogh and Ming dynasty antiques to Swiss Law backed investments which compound Year over Year. They also provide one of a kind Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investments. They accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple as payment alongside traditional methods. Seems like they are just starting their portfolio. The notion of using blockchain as a public ledger in global capacity to reduce overall red tape and increase cost efficiency is unprecedented. Products and Services are delivered through smart contracts for cleaner auditing and transparency. Blockchain and Defi embeds are used to autopilot their work, eradicating the need for 8 workstations which saves administrative fees for their investors and partners. Alongside, they are partnering up with the best law firms in Europe and Asia to keep them running in years to come.

There is a reason their work is introduced in the closing half of this report. After speaking to their Chairman, it is understood that they had no intention to bombard newsreaders with their service or vision if it is something, the benefactors isn’t interested in. The fact someone is reading until now proves otherwise. Well, the customer always deserves better and transformative policies. Not from the Gurus and Mentors who filled their pockets and showed us their luxury beach homes, but from realists who are quietly working their way up.

Amazing things are waiting to join at the start of next year. BillionDad Group has proved its mettle despite being the youngest in block- tech space. Lets us wish them best of luck.

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Published On: December 17, 2020