Investing in digital currency is highly developed in recent years. If you are also interested in investing some crypto assets or digital currency, then the most direct way is to buy cryptocurrency on the top crypto exchanges which include websites and apps.

You might have heard of many cryptocurrency exchanges like bitfoliex (, but do you really know the crypto exchange types and which is the best crypto exchange for you? In this guide, you will see a list of top crypto exchanges. After reading the article you may have comprehensive knowledge about how you can invest in cryptocurrency.

Before you start reading this guide, the first thing is to understand the cryptocurrency Exchange meaning. It is the place where you can buy or sell cryptocurrency with Fiat or another cryptocurrency.

Mostly, traditional exchange, such as stock exchange, has the opening and closing times. But the crypto exchange allows you to exchange your currency at any time. Cryptocurrency exchange sites provide an online platform that allows investors to buy digital currency based on the market price. They usually charge little amount as the commission fees, or just charge service fees as a third-party platform. is platform for multi-currency exchanges. 

There are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges mention below: 

Trading Platforms: These are digital currency exchange platforms that allow you to purchase cryptocurrencies directly by using fiat or another cryptocurrency. They generally charge fees for each transaction.

Peer to Peer Exchanges:  It is like a data service platform that matches the buyers and sellers. They provide hosting services to reduce the risk on both sides.

What are the best crypto Exchanges?

It is difficult to know how to choose the best and secure cryptocurrency trading platform because wrong decisions can threaten your investment and cause financial losses. If you are looking to invest in crypto in a safe manner, then bitfoliex exchange ( is perfect for you.

Make a list of some good crypto exchanges that you like, and analyze them before you make the decision. Bifoliex wallet allows you to exchange multi-currencies on a single platform 

Let’s have a look at the following factors that you need to consider before you choose any platform for crypto exchanges.

Payment Methods

Some cryptocurrency exchanges don’t support fiat currency. The FIAT currency such as the euro and the dollar is controlled by the government. If the crypto platform does not support purchasing bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies by using FIAT, it means that you will not be able to purchase crypto coins by using a debit or credit card. So, trade in an easier way and choose the best cryptocurrency exchanges that support multiple payment options.

More Cryptocurrencies:-

More than 1,600 cryptocurrencies are revolving on the market. But not all crypto exchanges support all digital currencies transactions. But bitfoliex allows you to exchange multi currencies on single platform. If you are a long-term crypto investor, then invest in Bitcoin is a good choice. 

Lower Trading Fees:-

Choose a crypto exchange with lower trading fees is beneficial for you. The best option to choose the best crypto exchange is choose the exchange that supports 0 commissions. Before you decide to buy the cryptocurrency exchange platform, make sure to find the best platform that have all the mention qualities.

Good Reputation:-

The most appropriate way to learn about a crypto exchange is to search for reviews from users and well-known websites.  You can check the license of the platform, contact details, etc. A trusted and secure crypto exchange should be comprehensive and informative.

Customer Support:-

The cryptocurrency exchange should have a dedicated customer support team to resolve user’s issues quickly. Unfortunately, only a few offers live chat or 24/7 customer supports. Therefore, when you choose a crypto platform, be sure to send an email to their customer support so that you can test their service.

Ultimate crypto exchange platforms:-

  • Bitfoliex
  • Coinbase
  • Bittrex
  • Kraken
  • Coinspot
  • Coinjar