London, England, 2 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Wall Street has created history twice within a year and a half. The fastest drop was observed of approximately 30% in the S&P 500’s documented lifespan. Within just 33 days the index lost 34% of its worth and yet illustrated the most powerful comeback from the lowest bear market on record.

So one trait that investors need to display in such volatile markets is the art of being patient. It has often been witnessed that investors that purchase stocks within exceptionally performing companies allow their investment theories to pan out across lengthy timeframes to be recurrently rewarded.

Due to the ever-changing mechanisms of the market, it is no longer mandatory for one to have a ton of capital to generate money through Wall Street.  With the development of fractional share investments and minimum deposits slowly becoming obsolete, investors can now invest relatively modest sums of cash continuously.

Bitteks analysts have narrowed down two stocks that are not only cheap but also show potential – and can help you make some fast money this month.

SSR Mining

Gold stocks have been treated as irrelevant by the masses in the previous year. Due to the enormous debts that gold-mining companies experienced, most investors deserted the industry entirely. However, SSR Mining is a dream investment for people looking to invest as low as $20. SSR Mining is a medium-capitalized miner of gold and silver.

The gold market is yet another volatile market. It was announced by the Federal Reserve that they will continue to offer lending rates that have been previously recorded as low, up until the year 2022. Moreover, the long-term rates will be lessened with the help of monthly bond trading. Due to the limited options for generating definite revenue that outperforms inflation, investors are once again returning to invest in the gold market.

However, there is more to be excited about rather than just the soaring gold rates. In 2020, SSR joined hands with the Turkish Alacer Gold Company to put together a more versatile and financially efficient firm. The new joint venture is expected to produce between 700,000 to 800,000 yearly gold ounces within the timeframe of 5 years while maintaining the cash flow for 2021 and 2022 over $450 million.

SSR Mining has remarkable cash flows. The company is just one of the few gold equities that have a sizable position for net cash. Due to the consistently cautious management, the corporation has been able to amass a working capital of around $866 million. Subsequently, it currently pays a $0.20 base for annual dividend and explores the option of buying more than 10 million in shares for its stocks. SSR Mining is quite a valuable bargain for about 5.5 times Wall Street’s operational cash flow projection for 2021.


Another wise investment with your $20 would be to invest it in Skillz, a fast-evolving esports and gaming firm.

In 2019, published research indicating an around 20% growth of the worldwide esports market per year between 2019 and 2025. If this prediction were true, it would produce more than $3 billion in yearly sales within the next 3 years. The only concern is the incredibly competitive market makes it tough for game developers to enter the industry.

However, Skillz is far from a game developer. It chooses to be a game facilitator rather than competing with existing gaming firms. It has established a forum for developers to showcase their latest projects and for gamers to contest for cash rewards. As a result of both, Skillz and the developer, get to keep a portion of the cash prize. After all, it is more economical to administer a gaming platform than to create new games and therefore Skillz continues to earn a 95% gross margin on its sales.

Initial results suggest that the Skillz platform is popular amongst its users. It had about 467,000 paying customers by the end of the first quarter, which accounts for the 17% of its player community. According to Wappier Gaming Apps, the paying to playing ratios are around 1.6% to 2%.

Skillz, unlike SSR Mining, will not be profitable this year and will most likely be not profitable in the year 2022 either. It has been investing significantly in marketing to fuel its growth. Nonetheless, the multiyear contract Skillz sealed with NFL in February might be enough to multiply earnings by four times in 2024 and lead the firm to repetitive net profit incomes by 2023.

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Source: Bitteks