Boo-Ker Blahzay emerges as a Hip Hop and Rap artist who recently announced the release of Product Of People’s Neglect.

Westside Buffalo, NY, 23rd March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Boo-Ker Blahzay is a rising hip hop & rap star of the U.S. music industry. He was born to rule the American music world. Recently he announced to release new relaxing, chill-out songs of the album “Product Of People’s Neglect (POPN).” a bouquet of 15 melodic, original music plays;

Song: “Solid since a Lil Nigga”, 

Song: “Get your money up.”

Booker Blahzay was born in Da Slums of B-Lo, N.Y, to an addicted black dad and a young white mom who are pure American Mulatto Nigga. Boo-ker Blahzay is a Rapper/Producer. His image, as well as his name, is a ying-yang concept. Boo-ker being the GOD-fearing man, the father, the old school soul, etc. Where Blahzay is the angrier, blunt, realistic, wilder side. Coming Out of Buffalo, N.Y. and heavily influenced by some of the greats like Slick Rick, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Big Pun, 50 Cent, and Eminem, to name a few. 

Booker Blahzay writes, sings, directs, edits, and produces songs of love, passion, pain, growth, and motivational music to help people be a better version of themselves. Through music lessons, the pain grows blessings and creates hope in the lives of those who hear Booker Blahzay’s songs and learn life lessons. He composes conscience trap like genre, sounds like.

  • Kendrick Lamar,
  • J Cole,
  • Anderson,
  • Paak,
  • Outkast,
  • Big Pun,
  • Eminem

Booker Blahzay has launched the following memorable and musical albums, and his notable works are as follows:

POPN or Product of People’s Neglect (POPN) is a noun used to refer to anything negatively affected due to someone’s disregard, lack of attention, neglect (obviously). POPN is a label not to be used maliciously or as a weapon.

Booker Blahzay grew up an outcast, different from most, neglected, attacked, and oppressed. Despite all this emerged as a hero, a rising hip hop & rap star, on the skies of U.S. music. POPN is an album of hope, courage, and endurance, consisting of 15 melodic songs that will amuse the audience in all respects, surely.

The revolutionary singer not just sings but also raps, writes, directs, and edits his works. In a nutshell, he is a multitalented artist who has embarked on his journey to make this world a better place. He calls himself a conscious rapper from Buffalo, New York. With melodic hooks, about real life. He eep bar on the subject of pain, growth, and any thought-provoking context used to help the self. He promotes self-love and motivational music to help people be a better version of themselves through music, pain, lessons, and blessings. 

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Published On: March 23, 2022