East Lansing, Michigan, 8th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Boxe.network is the first Binance Smart Chain Startup with a unique multi-use case, revenue share, buybacks and rewards. It is the only rebase token on the BSC smart chain, to bring together a group of applications and give you rebase rewards and many more. The online platform is now ready to launch its new Crypto Project that will change the face of cryptocurrency.

The time has come where the market is getting ready for the future and people have started investing in crypto currency. Boxe.network is one such platform that is now offering the buying and selling of crypto. BoxE is the only currency used in their ecosystem whose demand is increasing continuously among the users. They are offering customers the smart and secure platform that is going to disrupt the ways investors buy and sell the shares. The project will be launched in different phases.

This is what the Boxe.network makers have to say about the new Crypto Project, “Through the Crypto project we are trying to bring a change in the modes of buying and selling of goods. We are reinventing the global equity blockchain. We are here to break up the monopolies and revolutionize the crypto world. We mainly aim at integrating various applications.”

The ecosystem under which the Boxe.network works is unique and open to all. The team are working for continuous collaboration with the celebrities and trying to give more exposure to the investors. The various other projects include BoxE Social, BoxE Casino, BoxE NFT, BoxE Blockchain and many more.

About Boxe.network

Boxe.network is an online platform that aims at future funding. It allows the buying and selling of Cryptos. The team is a sure shot solution for all types of problems. It is easy to use a product based on the private Blockchain. The main aim of the company is to build a unified blockchain ecosystem that will not only make the businesses efficient but will also make them more reliable and transparent.

For more information, please visit https://boxe.network/

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