Brainnest Goes Over The Biggest Challenges Businesses Face Today

Bremen, Germany, 12th October 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Attracting and retaining customers, increasing efficiencies, and adapting to market changes are only a few challenges businesses are experiencing today. Brainnest, a leading business management and training agency, explores these challenges and suggests various solutions to overcome them. 

Biggest Challenges Facing Businesses in 2022


Experts predict inflationary pressures to remain high in key global economies, with global inflation estimated to jump from 4.3% in 2021 to 4.6%. The impacts of the increasing inflationary pressures would include various countries tightening their monetary policies. 

This will, in turn, impact the forex markets as volatility results in increased currency values. Rising costs may also lead to changes in consumer behaviors, negatively impacting sales. Businesses have employed two major approaches to deal with the ravaging inflation:

  • Using pricing power to pass the costs on to the consumers.
  • Revising product portfolios to maintain higher profit margins

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the top challenges businesses face all the time, not only in 2022. Almost all businesses need solid customer service skills to survive in today’s competitive market. Therefore, every business, regardless of size, needs to find ways to make customer service a priority regardless of other challenges they could be facing. 

Customer Retention

Many entrepreneurs wrongly believe their mission is complete once they gain customers. The truth is that gaining customers is just the beginning of an arduous process with unpredictable results due to various internal and external factors. 

Retaining customers is a major challenge to many businesses today due to factors such as:

  • Declining product or service quality
  • Change in product or service prices
  • The emergence of competitors with better incentives

Talent Retention

Another major challenge facing organizations today is recruiting the right employees and keeping them on the job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that about four million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021 alone, and the technology and healthcare industries were the most affected. 

The major factors that affect talent retention include:

  • The quest for better-paying opportunities.
  • Reevaluation of one’s work-life priorities
  • Poor workplace culture 

Organizations must understand and address the root cause of why employees are leaving. Improving workplace culture and creating a personalized retention program could also help minimize resignations. 

Technological Advancements

Technology has been improving exponentially in recent years. While investing in the latest technology can positively impact an organization, it can also be a disadvantage. A competitor may wait for a more advanced technology, which may only be a few months away, and use it to have the edge over others. 

Also, waiting for more advanced technology to have an advantage over others is a risk with unpredicted outcomes. Organizations can minimize the negative impacts of technological advancements by having a long-term technology strategy while upholding flexibility to capitalize on unforeseen technology improvements. 

Brainnest Offers Programs To Help Businesses Tackle Various Challenges

The most effective way for businesses to tackle most of today’s challenges is by engaging professional consultants. As a professional business management company, Brainnest offers a range of programs to help entrepreneurs and businesses deal with various problems, make the right decisions, and steer business growth. 

Economic Advisory

The firm offers in-depth analyses of complex economic issues to help understand the problems and opportunities that businesses experience. Their Economic Consulting program covers a wide range of topics related to finance, accounting, and economics. 

Tax Services 

Brainnest offers client-centric tax advisory services to help entrepreneurs and businesses mitigate tax risk and minimize costs. 


Brainnest can help organizations develop unrestricted, end-to-end programs to transform their operations. They aim to ensure businesses capitalize on opportunities that maximize competitive advantage and foster the connection between operations and strategy. 

Customer Experience

The firm provides the expertise and tools that help organizations determine what matters most to customers and equip their staff to deliver gratifying experiences while simplifying processes and minimizing costs. 

Training Programs

Brainnest offers training programs geared towards students’ success, combining theoretical concepts with real-world practicality in applying the studies in their fields. 

Business Support

Brainnest also helps clients that need full accounting support. They use tools like Accounting CS, UltraTax CS, and QuickBooks to help businesses manage payroll, profit-sharing plans, and other operations. 


Brainnest helps entrepreneurs and business harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, capitalize on the latest technology, automate operations, fuel digital growth, and create outstanding digital experiences. 


The company provides solutions that help organizations across the globe develop and execute winning strategies. 

About Brainnest

Brainnest is a business management and training company headquartered in Bremen, Germany. Established in 2020, the success-driven firm provides management advisories and contracting services tailored to help companies from various industries with business management issues.

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