Lisbon, Portugal, May 19, 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, has seen a watershed moment with the development of the new BRC-20 token standard and the subsequent meme coin frenzy. 

The BRC-20 protocol builds on the concept of marking single satoshis with information, similar to Bitcoin Ordinals. But where Ordinals tag individual satoshis as NFTs, the BRC-20 protocol goes a step further by minting satoshis with information for cryptocurrency tokens.

The total market capitalization of BRC-20 tokens touched $1 billion in May 2023, signaling how they have captured the community’s attention, with a wave of BRC-20 meme coins causing something of a frenzy within the space.

One token, in particular, seems to have captured the community’s attention.

Grumpy: The ‘Bitcoin Cat’

Crypto Twitter has witnessed an avalanche of attention piling on meme coins, but a BRC-20 token called Grumpy has captured interest more than most. 

The token aims to restore the glory of meme coins by launching on Bitcoin, the original blockchain network, and using a fair launch process that only allowed wallets to mint a maximum limit of one million $GRUM out of a total supply of 21 billion.

There were also no allocations, keeping a level playing field for all participants, which helped build the trust of the community during the launch process and, ultimately, helped $GRUM to mint out within 24 hours of launching.

The meme coin now sits in the top-25 most-held BRC-20 tokens just three days after deployment, with 1,703 unique wallets. And with its belief in the supremacy of Bitcoin, Grumpy hopes to lead investors beyond Ethereum by harnessing the memetic energy of Bitcoin.

BRC-20 Growth and the Road Ahead

Grumpy has enjoyed a meteoric rise in just shy of one week, with 8,400 members on Telegram and 11,900 followers on Twitter, establishing itself as one of the fastest-growing BRC-20 meme coins on Bitcoin.

In leading the wave of BRC-20 meme coins, Grumpy is cementing its potential for success, alongside that of other Bitcoin-based tokens. And its uptake will boost efforts to educate the community about BRC-20 tokens and how they can improve the Bitcoin network’s security. 


Grumpy is a BRC-20 meme coin on the Bitcoin network. The token was deployed on the 16th May, 2023, minting over 50% within the first few hours before minting out within the first day. Over 1,700 wallets hold $GRUM, which aims to use the memetic power of the original cryptocurrency to attract new users to the Bitcoin ecosystem.


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