Washington, D.C, USA, Oct 31st, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, Derrick Donelson Aka “Hoolieent” is a musician from Washington D.C. Derrick is the grandson of DC Legendary Chuck Brown, and Brown Helped Start a Hoolieent’s Music Journey. He has been close to music all his life, performing in categories with 100,000+ 7-year-olds doing it all at a very young age. He said he was from one of the most dangerous parts of DC in the South East.

Hoolieent’s goals

One of His Objectives Is To Show People Where He Comes From It Doesn’t Matter Where You Came From You Can Do It Elsewhere In Life Somehow All You Have To Do Is Have To Dream So Much And Have The Desire To Want To Achieve It.

Another Purpose Is To Remove The Mother And Her Family Out Of The Hood And Her Face While Recovering Her Kindness To Her By Raising Her As A Boy. You Feel So Thru & That’s How You Want To Give Him Back All His Hard Work.

Early Hoolieent Life

Hoolie Graduated From School Many People Didn’t Get Out Of It She Did Sports Suck As Track & Field But She Felt Like That Was Not Her Soon After That She Chose Mic & Started Rapping. He Never Takes A Deep Rap Until His Grandpa & Other Close Friends And Relatives Hoolie said she remembers Rape at Mealtime at School, and the Whole Cafe and School began to shake with her and told her she had to take it seriously.

Hoolieent’s Success

Hoolieent has worked with major broadcast artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Far Tel, 3ohBlack, Knuckle Head, Yung Gleesh, and Black Cobain.