Singapore, 26th Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Recently, due to the quarantine of the core management and operation teams of the Singapore epidemic, the Columbia Partners Group headquarters also considered regulatory requirements around the world. In order to comply with the operational requirements of various cryptocurrency laws and regulations, Bzone Global Station will permanently close its platform services from now on.

Thank you for your support and company in the past year or so. Bzone will now close and clear the withdrawal process as follows:

1. The platform is closed for registration and recharge stage:

Immediately after the announcement: Permanently close the new user registration function and all asset recharge functions in all regions of the platform. Only transactions and withdrawals are allowed.

Note: As soon as the announcement is issued: Contract trading closes the open position function.

2. The platform closes the trading function and closes other service phases:

September 27, 2021: Stop all spot trading functions.

September 28, 2021-September 29, 2021: Only the asset withdrawal function will be opened.

September 30, 2021: The platform is closed. After the platform is closed, users cannot use all the trading functions of the website and APP.

Note: Users can log in to view their own account, and apply for withdrawal of personal assets by viewing personal information. The platform only reserves the mail channel to provide withdrawal services.

3. The platform is completely closed:

The platform will be closed on September 30, 2021. After the platform is closed, everyone can no longer log in to the platform’s website and App. Bzone users are requested to complete asset withdrawals before October 3, 2021. After the platform is closed, users who have not completed asset withdrawal can contact the platform through the customer service email address before October 7, 2021, and apply for asset withdrawal after completing their identity verification. At that time, there will be no customer service staff to accept withdrawal requests initiated by users, and users need to bear the asset losses caused by not withdrawing in time.

Finally, I would like to thank all users of Bzone for their support and recognition of the platform, and thank you all for the one and a half years of working with the platform. In the past one and a half years, we have witnessed the development of the industry and we have also experienced an extraordinary social experiment together. , We believe that, regardless of success or failure, these will be a time worth remembering in the future.

Thanks again to those users who have been caring about the support platform. Here, we sincerely say sorry again, and hope to continue to get your understanding and support.

I wish all Bzone users a smooth, happy and happy life in the future.

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