Calyptus reveals H1 2024 Salary Trends: A deep dive into the web3 job market

London, UK, July 10th, 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Calyptus, the leading platform for Web3 job seekers, proudly announces the release of its H1 Salary Report for the first half of 2024. This report provides invaluable insights into the Web3 job market, covering the highest salaried jobs, geographical distribution of roles, workplace preferences, and average salaries.

The H1 2024 Salary Report highlights significant trends and data points, offering a comprehensive view of the Web3 employment landscape. The report is based on extensive data collected from over 250 tech job roles listed by Calyptus’ 50+ hiring partners.

Key Highlights from the Report:

  1. Highest Salaried Jobs:
    • Senior backend engineers proficient in Rust and the Move languages top the salary charts, earning up to $310,000 annually.
    • Lead/staff engineers and senior smart contract engineers follow closely, with salaries reaching $300,000.
    • Group product managers in the EU and senior frontend engineers in the US also command impressive salaries, with top earners making $250,000 and $212,500, respectively.
  2. Jobs by Geography:
    • The United States leads the pack with 31.5% of all Web3 roles, offering an average salary of $186,048.
    • Global roles, accessible from any location, offer the highest average salary of $197,907.
    • The EU and Asia are also significant players, with average salaries of $134,477 and $120,300, respectively, reflecting the region’s growing involvement in blockchain technologies.
  3. Workplace Preferences:
    • Remote work continues to dominate, with 89.3% of positions being remote. This trend underscores the Web3 sector’s adaptability and its global, decentralized nature.
    • Hybrid roles account for 7.1%, while traditional office roles make up only 3.6%, indicating a strong preference for flexible work arrangements.
  4. Average Salary:
    • The average salary across all Web3 roles has seen a substantial increase, with backend developers earning an average of $170,968 and frontend developers earning $139,891.
    • Management roles and smart contract developers also enjoy high average salaries, at $179,615 and $167,849, respectively.
  5. Seniority Distribution:
    • Senior roles constitute 52.3% of the positions, emphasising the industry’s high demand for experienced professionals.
    • Mid-level positions account for 44.7%, offering robust opportunities for professionals with several years of experience.
    • Junior roles are relatively scarce, making up only 3%, highlighting the competitive nature of entry-level opportunities in the Web3 space.

Dan Jones, CEO of Calyptus, stated, “The H1 2024 Salary Report unveils what’s going on in web3 hiring. Our data reveals a clear trend towards higher salaries and remote work, reflecting the global reach of the blockchain industry. At Calyptus, we are committed to supporting job seekers and employers alike by providing an AI-powered user experience and blockchain-backed resume to build connections faster.”

About Calyptus:

Calyptus is the go-to platform for those seeking Web3 jobs. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology and cutting-edge AI, Calyptus ensures that job applicant skills, experience, and qualifications are 100% verifiable, reducing the time spent on proving oneself as a candidate and speeding up time to hire. With a growing client base and a user friendly platform, Calyptus is at the forefront of the Web3 employment landscape, driving innovation and connecting top talent with leading opportunities.

For more information or to download the full H1 2024 Salary Report, visit Calyptus’s website.

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Published On: July 12, 2024