Cambridge Home School Online Announces Competitive Cambridge Online Lessons in South Asia

The British online homeschool has received acclaim from students and teachers for its exceptional teaching methods and low student-teacher ratio.

Cambridge, UK, 10th September 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, To be dated: Cambridge International is a popular choice among students in South Asian countries, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. As the November A Level and IGCSE exams draw near, students are starting to transition into revision mode. It’s important to remember to take advantage of all the facets of online learning.

Cambridge Home School has created an independent curriculum incorporating the best elements of the Cambridge International program. It helps students improve their grades and develop a deeper understanding of their studies. The British online homeschooling program also provides them with an extensive selection of subtopics and topics to help them excel.

When asked about their efforts to help South Asian students receive quality British education, a Cambridge Home School Online representative said, “Many schools in South Asia follow a national curriculum that is too prescriptive and subject to political turbulence. The curriculum of these schools could prevent students from developing the necessary foundations to succeed in their studies. This is why students must take a deeper look at the materials used by their institution.”

They added, “In June 2021, over 86% of Cambridge Home School Online’s students achieved As and As in their target subjects. Additionally, over 83% of A Level students secured two As and a B. These exceptional grades allow them to receive admission to some of the world’s most prestigious universities.”

The institute’s continuous efforts to improve the quality of its education and the unique curriculum it has created are some factors that have helped it achieve this impressive performance. The school hopes that students from South Asian countries will get a glimpse of how their academic journey has been affected by the school’s changes.

Cambridge Home School Online aims to provide students with an academic environment conducive to success, encouraging them to develop their interests and social skills. During school hours, they can participate in various sports and trips.

It is also important that students maintain a healthy school-life balance to ensure that they can continue developing their academic performance and skills. This approach can help prevent them from burnout, which can occur among older students in South Asia. The pressure that students exert on themselves during their studies can create academic stress and anxiety. It is because traditional schools in South Asia often encourage them to work harder than they should. This can lead to poor performance.

Cambridge Home School Online is a comprehensive online school that provides a wide range of educational programs for children. In addition to primary school, it also offers various programs such as Lower School, Sixth Form, and Upper School. Parents looking to enrol their child in any of these programs are encouraged to find the contact information below.

About Cambridge Home School Online

CHS Online is considered one of the most prestigious British international online schools. Boasting an illustrious faculty, a low student-teacher ratio, excellent reviews, and a strong focus on mental health, the school is trusted by thousands of parents in Africa. CHS Online also provides scholarships and bursaries to students who require financial assistance. Parents can find out more about the institution using the information provided below.

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Published On: September 10, 2022