Careoline social impact ecosystem is announcing careoline.crypto: Incentivizing community and introducing heal2earn, executing it’s vision to bridge web 2.0 and Web3 to build a bridge to a happier society

Zug, Switzerland, 8th March 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The primary purpose and focus of the Careoline social impact ecosystem is to build a bridge to a happier society. The careoline.crypto stream aims to incentivize well-being with “heal2earn” while reducing healthcare costs and democratizing well-being in Web3. Careoline.crypto supports creating a full experience decentralized ecosystem by using the best of these exponential technologies for building a bridge to a happier society. The community will be incentivized with the new heal2earn approach enabled by the careoline community driven social token.

The vision of careoline.crypto in a video: 


The careoline.crypto project provides their users to mint  NFTs to help people in need and benefit from different perks like reduced costs and actual life activities. 

The total number of NFTS will be 6661. The reason behind this number is the legacy of  Carl Gustav Jung (Died 6.6.1961), who was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He changed the way we see Mental health. NFT collection launch is planned in March.

Careoline token 

Participants will be able to earn, trade and benefit from the care token launch. Tokenomics, marketmaker, ownership and distribution, Perks, Listings, burnings etc. are currently work in progress.

heal2earn Mechanics

The community will be incentivized with the new heal2earn approach enabled by the Careoline community social token. During the well-being session, both coaches and clients earn and will receive Careoline token. And always, whenever somebody takes care of their well-being (like coaching, meditation, games, etc.), the person receives tokens. 

Metaverse (careoverse)

Participants can increase experience through immersive/virtual spaces. Setting the right environment changes the whole coaching experience. Careoline will be able to increase users’ experience by immersive/virtual spaces that can change the mood and experience and be a big game changer in the whole coaching experience with the dedicated guide.

Benefits and utility for careoline Coaches

  • Working from everywhere at any time;
  • Focus on core business competency – not required to do additional marketing etc – saving 10x costs and time;
  • Everything for coaching is simple and efficient;
  • Using state of the art digital coaching tools – all at one place;
  • Community with other experts and potential client exchange;
  • Promoting personal products;
  • Earn careoline tokens with heal2earn technology;
  • Earn careoline tokens with supervisions;
  • Earn careoline tokens with active participation in careoline community; 
  • Earn careoline tokens with “free educational webinars”;
  • Increase experience through immersive/virtual spaces;
  • Being part of the bigger caring community.
  • JMO: Reward Caroline tokens to coachees for successful following of healing practices

Benefits and utility for careoline Clients

  • Reduces the necessary courage for “asking for help” to zero – simple, digital, and discrete help for everyone
  • High quality: Coaches are qualified and interviewed before being accepted on the platform
  • Continuous quality control with supervisions
  • Technology finds suitable coaches and gives immediate access: time, price, location flexible & GDPR compliant.
  • Earn careoline tokens with heal2earn technology during each coaching session
  • Earn careoline tokens when participating in “free educational webinars”
  • Earn careoline tokens when playing a well-being game
  • Earn careoline tokens with active participation in Careoline community 
  • Increase coaching sessions experience through careoverse
  • Being part of the bigger caring community
  • JMO: Have the opportunity to become a coach yourself (heal2earn Community)

The Careoline platform already exists and has around 100 coaches ready to be contacted. Careoline provides community management services 24 hours a day. Now we bridge the web 2.0 with Web3 careoline.crypto stream.

Careoline ecosystem supported by

  • Liberty Specialty Markets
  • Swiss Innovation Agency
  • Startup Campus
  • EPFL Innovation Park

Careoline.crypto Roadmap

  • Q1 and Q2 2022: Create Community, NFT Collection, Whitelist, Private and public sales for Token Launch B2B
  • Q3 and Q4 2022: Token Launch, 1000+ Coaches
  • Q1 and Q2 2023: Careoverse launch. Careoline.Foundation
  • Q3 and Q4 2023: Happiness Index, DAO for new features, More Exchange listing
  • 2024: 1 million users, 10K + Coaches

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Published On: March 8, 2022