Carvin Glover of Kloud180 announces the introduction of security-focused tech solutions

San Francisco, CA, 20th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Carvin Glover, the CEO of Kloud 180, has announced that his company is now looking to leverage blockchain technology to drive the next phase of growth.

Grover is looking to tap into the security and scaling capabilities of blockchain technology to offer customers better workplace solutions, while also guaranteeing them security when dealing with cloud-based services.

The move to tap into the capabilities of blockchain technology is a natural extension of the culture of innovation that Glover has inculcated at Kloud 180.  Since it started, Kloud 180 has been making use of the latest tech solutions to remain on the cutting edge of workplace business solutions. It is this culture that has seen Kloud 180 hit a customer base of over 100k and spread its operations in more than 100 countries.

Kloud180’s success in maintaining a culture of innovation has a lot to do with Glover’s early entry into the entrepreneurial world. Glover started Kloud180 when he was only 20. At that age, the spirit of adventure was still strong in him, and he was not bogged down by dogma, as is the case with older more experienced entrepreneurs.

When Kloud180 was first started, it was a case of anything goes so long as it met customer needs. Employees were free to come up with their own ideas, and in a year, the company was not just looking to solve existing problems, but also actively analyzing data to predict the services that customers may want next.

This culture continues to this day, and the move to incorporate blockchain technology into workplace technologies is a direct result of two issues that are likely to become more pronounced in the digital sphere in the next couple of years. These two problems are data security and privacy.

Cybersecurity is getting more complex with each passing day. That’s because hackers are no longer just some random guy in their basement trying to showcase their skills, it is now a multibillion-dollar business, where state actors are an active part of the process. This means cloud-based workplace solutions are now at risk of getting compromised more than ever before. 

By introducing blockchain technology as part of its workplace solutions architecture, Kloud180 is mitigating risk for its clients. It is doing this by eliminating a single point of failure in its product offering.

On the issue of data privacy, it is common knowledge that most tech companies now collect user data and sell it for top dollar. With more people are sensitive than ever about online privacy, the pushback against this practice will only get stronger.

For a company like Kloud180 that offers workplace solutions, data privacy is critical because a leak can lead to complications down the road that may threaten a company’s very existence. By leveraging on blockchain and the power of cryptography, Kloud180 hopes to keep customers happy, and in the process, win more of them through referrals.  

By implementing these next-gen solutions, Kloud180 expects its customer base to hit at least 1 million by 2030. If the company is able to achieve this target, it will be generating upwards of $100 million in annual revenues in the coming years.

Kloud180 is a workplace solutions company based in the United States. Some of the services it provides include cloud-based data analytics tools, instantaneous data sharing tools within an office environment and intuitive tools for measuring employee efficiency. Over the last couple of years, Kloud180 has invested heavily in A.I. Now with the introduction of blockchain technology, it is set to become the next big thing in the cloud-based office solutions market in the U.S and globally.

Carvin Glover is the founder and CEO of Kloud180. He started the company at the tender age of 20, and in a few years, turned it into a million-dollar business. Glover’s success has a lot to do with an eye for business, and a strong believer in disruptive solutions. 

Glover also happens to be a very generous entrepreneur. Over the years, he has authored many books, key among them being “The Kloud Way”, a book that has seen Glover get recognition globally for his insightful business ideas. Glover also attends multiple seminars and other events globally, with the goal of reaching as many entrepreneurs as possible, and helping them become as successful as he has become, over the last few years.

To learn more about Kloud180 services, check out their website at You can also email them [email protected] if you have any queries about their products.

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