Gurgaon, Haryana, 26th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The India based company uses an international team of professionals to  achieve their CDG Cruelty-Free Mark 

India based company, CDG Standards Private Limited takes pride in the  fact they offer cruelty-free certification. The company has a team of  experts that are trained to educate, challenge and inspire people around  the world to respect and protect animals.  

CDG is also committed to investigating and exposing the reality of life  for animals in laboratories, challenge industry leaders to be influential for animals in a  positive manner, encourage cleaner scientific research and promote cruelty free living. 

CDG is dedicated to making sure people understand that animal experiments are  inhumane, unreliable and a blow to nature. Cruelty-free means that products have not  been tested on animals during the creation process. Product tests conducted on  animals are usually painful and lead to death. 

There can be confusion between product manufacturers when the terms ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘not tested on animals’ are not used correctly. Some companies are campaigning  for cruelty-free makeup and skincare products, when their products are not truly cruelty free. Even though it may not have been tested on animals, the ingredients could have been made from animals. 

With cruelty-free certification on the rise, it has helped reduce the rate of animal torture  and promote the use of naturel compound in manufacturing items. CDG recognizes that  before products can be termed as cruelty free, it must pass through several certification  processes. 

Our objective is to help stop animal testing worldwide and become recognized for our  cruelty-free commitment on an international scale. 

Why choose CDG’s cruelty-free certification? Because CDG has developed prudent  requirements for products/manufacturers to be 100 per cent certified cruelty-free. Our  company has the expertise required to certify that no animal testing is conducted by the  company, its labs or its parent company. Our dedicated team of experts will focus on  strict adherence to our ‘Cruelty-Free Standard’ throughout audits and inspections.

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