Texas, 18 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, IcedUp Studios has 4,000 Sq. ft. of creative space along with a barbershop, tattoo shop , photography/videography staff , Tshirt Printing shop and more. IcedUp Mike has been doing photography for over 9+ years and continues to take over Texas with his consistent elevation and creativity, If you have a Instagram account then im sure that you’re very familiar with IcedUp Photography. IcedUp Photography was the original name of the brand before IcedUp Mike expanded and decided to create his own studios. When creating the concept for IcedUp Studios, IcedUp Mike had a vision to create a place for creatives to come in and create without having the limitations that come with working at home or bad weather conditions outdoors. Building a team of creatives wasn’t a easy task being that he wanted the best of the best in order to take the IcedUp Brand to the next level. The official barber for IcedUp Studios Teezy Cutz is a Celebrity Barber that has cut numerous Celebrities such as Key Glock , Nba YoungBoy , Big Scarr , DC youngfly , and many more. Most of the time whenever you arrive to photography studios , you only have the option to do photography , or videos. Their aren’t to many creative spaces to where you can create content and have a full team to do your merchandise, marketing , promotion , branding and more all in 1 place. In order to understand how IcedUp Mike made all of this possible you would have to understand his life and where he’s from. So let us give you a little background about this amazing Mogul so that you can better understand more about him and how he became the #1 photographer in Texas with the best Photography studio in the DFW !

IcedUp Mike was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana but has been located in Dallas/Fort Worth for 4+ Years. During his 9+ years of photography he’s had the privilege to travel to Houston Texas, Los Angeles California , New York , Chicago , Miami Florida , Las Vegas , South Carolina and more. Throughout his journey he has had the privilege to work with multiple celebrities, models and influencers from all over the world such as Megan Thee Stallion, Webbie , Erica banks,  Tokyo Jets , Sassy and Pumma from Black Ink Crew , Wankaego , Lil Chuckie , Da Baby , City Girls , Jhonni Blaze , Migos , Lil Wayne , Lil Baby , Key Glock , just to name a few. When it comes to creativity IcedUp Mike continues to capture his audience with creative concepts that help his clients stand out. IcedUp Photography has always been known for having vivid images with popping colors, and smooth skin. When starting out IcedUp Mike faced many obstacles with editing so he decided to create his own editing software entitled the “IcedUp Retouching Panel” The IcedUp Retouching panel has sold over 4,000+ copies and can be found on the official IcedUp Photography website (https://www.icedupphotography.com/product-page/icedup-retouching-panel) . Get your copy today!

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