CFB (Create Fashion Brand) – clothing manufacturer: Bringing Ethical Clothing to the World, One Sustainable Step at a Time

Barqueiros, Portugal, 30th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRECreate Fashion Brand (CFB) is a leader among clothing manufacturers who produce high-quality organic and eco-friendly clothing while working in collaboration with international brands and start-ups.

CFB is based in Portugal and has introduced the world of fashion to a smart manufacturing environment that focuses solely on manufacturing ethical and safe clothing for the environment. While the company tries to tackle all these issues, it doesn’t mean that it is lacking in production. CFB is supported by a group of highly qualified and experienced producers, making the brand as dynamic as possible.

They are the producers of sustainable brands such as Pangaia and Ecoalf

In recent years, the idea of ethical clothing and products has dramatically boosted the rise of CFB as one of the leading companies manufacturing sustainable clothing. The company prides itself on its eco-responsible policy coupled with the use of only sustainable and organic fabrics to ensure the minimum carbon footprint possible.

The goal of CFB, according to their CEO, Margarida Santos, is to battle the rise of fast fashion and replace it with a more sustainable option for customers so that we can save future generations from a world with limited resources.

Vicente Goes, the production assistant of CFB, agreed to sit with us for an interview about the company and what.

Create Fashion Brand (CFB) is a group of eco-friendly manufacturers for premium clothes in Portugal,which is known as the hub of textile companies. CFB started the journey of making high-quality clothes in 1989. They began to manufacture clothes from eco-friendly fabrics in Portugal. Create Fashion Brand starts its journey of success with the vision to manufacture clothes from eco-responsible clothes. That was the time when there was not enough awareness of sustainability.

What Products They Offer:

T-shirts, Polo shirts, Henley shirts, Hoodies, Denim Jacket, Shorts, Long Sleeves, Crew Necks, Pants/Jeans, Chinos, Bomber Jackets, Shirts, Vests, Dresses. They offer a wide range of services to help startups and global brands. Create Fashion Brand provides Digital printing and screen printing, Vinyl and Flock, all types of embroidery (regular, Tanaka, Chain Stich, English Point effect, Fuwari….), and all types of fusion processes.

What does the company’s work environment look like?

Vicente Goes: CFB is a company that resulted from the collaboration of three different factories. These factories produce woven and knitted garments and distribute them in other cities in Portugal. Our main aim during manufacturing clothing items is to reduce fabric waste and implement as many ethical guidelines as possible to be as resourceful as possible.

We also use only local supply chains so that the work environment supports the country’s economy. Company morale is also of high priority, so we try our best to create a dynamic workspace where our 110 employees can deliver premium quality products.

What kind of measures a company undertaking for sustainable clothing manufacturer?

Vicente Goes: The first and foremost revolutionary change we’ve adapted into our work culture is the use of power from only green sources. We use solar panels that generate enough power for our boilers while also keeping a close watch on the amount of water we use in our manufacturing process.

We make sure to recycle everything, be it plastic, fabric, paper, or batteries, so we only use organically recycled materials in the company. We’ve also taken the initiative to invest in cutting-edge technology that will help in increased production with minimized pollution. They believe that no investment is too significant when living green and saving the world from further decay.

What sets a company apart from other Garment Suppliers?

Vicente Goes: CFB has been in motion for the past 15 years. Over these years, we have gained enough experience and understood the industry well to know what is best for the company and the environment simultaneously. The past decade and more has been spent on countless extensive research based on fabrics and materials which are eco-friendly and sustainable.

The company is proud to announce that have successfully achieved our goals for a more sustainable system of manufacturing clothes.

Come up with a strategy that will help us use only sustainable means for clothes production and recycle used clothes and reduce toxic pollution.

Why a brands should choose Portugal as a potential Factory for Clothes Manufacturing?

Main reason is Portugal has stringent rules for setting up companies such as ours. The governing bodies are adamant that all work ethics be met and followed religiously, which is why I think Portugal’s work environment is more compliant with universal human rights.

Portugal is among the world’s leaders when it comes to textile companies. Additionally, the craftsmanship in the country is top-notch, along with will skilled laborers who are experienced and highly qualified.

Certified Garments:

Create Fashion Brand offers certified garment products. Their jackets, shirts, bottoms, and other products are certified by globally well-known organizations. Their products have sustainable and quality certifications from ISO, OCS, OEKO-TEX, etc.

Why CFB Is Best Place For Producing High-Quality Garments:

 Many manufacturers are doing a great job by providing quality and trendy clothes. But CFB is different from those as they have a clear vision of spreading quality, sustainability, eco-friendly, and ethical fashion. They are taking their part in reducing environmental pollution and breaking human rights. They take every possible measure to ensure sustainability. CFB is doing hard for decades and is globally known as the eco-friendly manufacturer of premium clothes.

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Published On: May 30, 2022