ChainZoku Launches Its First-Ever NFT Auction

ChainZoku, a groundbreaking multimedia NFT project, is thrilled to announce the launch of its first-ever auction, bringing an exciting new chapter to the ChainZoku community. Starting from December 12th, participants will have the unique opportunity to acquire one of 64 newly introduced Zokus, digital characters integral to the ChainZoku universe.

Auction Details:

Schedule: The auction began on December 12th, with 4 Zokus presented daily for bidding. This exciting event will unfold over several days, offering ample opportunities for enthusiasts to participate.

Starting Bid: Bidding starts at 0.087 ETH, matching ChainZoku’s original mint price from May 2023. The minimum bid increment is set at 0.001 ETH.

Auction Process: Each day, participants can bid on four Zokus, displayed with their backs turned. The highest bidder at the end of a 24-hour cycle will win the Zoku(s), which will then be minted to their wallet.

Special Feature – Takara Zokus: Among the daily offerings, one randomly selected Takara Zoku will be available. These special Zokus come with unique traits, including exclusive designs and legendary characteristics.

Bidding Mechanics:

Interface: Bidders can use the provided interface on to target their bids on specific Zokus using plus and minus buttons.

Smart Contract and Refunds: Bids are processed through a smart contract, with refunds issued to outbid participants.

Gas Fees: While ChainZoku covers minting gas fees, bidders will need to account for transaction gas fees.

Raffle Event:

Participation: Every wallet that places a bid enters a daily raffle.

Prizes: Winners can receive various rewards, including free NFTs, gear, and physical goods from ChainZoku’s collection.

Additional Notes:

– Participants are advised against last-second bidding to avoid transaction failures.

– For further details or inquiries, ChainZoku welcomes community members to their Discord channel. 

Closing Statement:

ChainZoku invites everyone to partake in this unique event, promising an enriching experience for all NFT enthusiasts and community members. With anticipation building, the team looks forward to welcoming new Zokus into Todai City.


For more information, visit ChainZoku’s official website on  or contact their support team through their Discord channel.

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Published On: December 21, 2023