Cholesterol Myths Busted – Understanding The Truth About The Fatty Substance

There are many myths associated with cholesterol. Know the truth behind the myths and why regular health checkups are necessary

Attica, Greece, 28th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Cholesterol is often dreaded – generally referred to as a ‘silent killer’ if not within limits. Just like different other substances in our body, cholesterol builds plaques around the walls of the arteries. This can lead to serious complications as the blood vessels are narrowed which may cause heart attack and stroke.

Cholesterol is always bad: This is a myth because if the human body doesn’t have cholesterol at all, it will be impossible to survive.

Dr Kaffa Ilham, a Cardiologist in Athens, states that “All cholesterol isn’t bad. Our modern lifestyle is to be blamed where we love to consume junk food in excess and this is how cholesterol gets deposited in the body. If cholesterol is in excess, it tends to deposit in our bad vessels. This is when cholesterol is bad

Healthy Body Weight Means No Cholesterol: This is not true because even if a person is not obese, cholesterol levels can be abnormal. It depends on the food consumed, exercising habits, smoking and alcohol consumption.

Dr. Kaffa Ilham (Καρδιολόγος στην Αθήνα) mentions ‘Genetics too plays a role in cholesterol level – it doesn’t have to always be high because of fat or obesity

High Cholesterol is Always Accompanies by Symptoms: This is another common myth where people tend to believe that if cholesterol level is high, there will be symptoms.

Everyone needs to have same cholesterol levels in the body: This is not true! A leading cardiologist explains that the target level of cholesterol should be based on history of diseases like heart ailments.

Women Shouldn’t Worry About Cholesterol: Women have the same risk as men, especially when the body starts to lose the protective effects of estrogens. Cardiologists explain that women need to equally conscious. Dr Kaffa Ilham explains ‘For women, heart disease tends to come a little later than man. But, this doesn’t mean women are completely safe and shouldn’t worry. Exercise should be a part of daily life

Healthy eating habits, exercises, and regular checkups are always advised for healthy living. Those who have a family history of cardiac problems should get their cholesterol levels checked on a regular basis.

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