Clarifying the Facts: Mr. Thank You Did Not Endorse Beercoin

Recent online articles have falsely claimed that renowned influencer Mr. Thank You (Sergei Kosenko) promoted the cryptocurrency Beercoin to his Instagram followers. These allegations are unfounded and misleading. Mr. Thank You has consistently clarified that his discussions about cryptocurrencies, including Beercoin, were purely personal interests and not financial advice.

Mr. Thank You explicitly stated multiple times that his comments on cryptocurrency were meant to share his personal investments and curiosity about the market. The articles in question have misrepresented his messages, creating a false narrative that he was encouraging his followers to invest in Beercoin.

As a known crypto enthusiast, Mr. Thank You frequently explores and invests in various cryptocurrency projects. Beercoin is just one of the many projects he has shown interest in. Archived Instagram stories demonstrate that he clearly stated he was not recommending his audience to invest in it.

The portrayal of Mr. Thank You as someone exploiting his audience for personal gain is entirely inaccurate. His career and brand are built on principles of positivity and uplifting others. Accusations suggesting otherwise are baseless.

Sergei Kosenko, widely known as Mr. Thank You, is an artist and social media personality. Beyond his Instagram presence, he releases music on YouTube and Spotify, aiming to spread gratitude and generosity through his content. With over 40 million followers across platforms, Mr. Thank You ranks among the top 200 influencers globally. His success stems from genuine connections with his audience through optimism and lightheartedness, not deceit.

The claims of him promoting a “trash token” crypto scam are unsubstantiated and serve only to defame his character. This kind of biased and inaccurate journalism is unacceptable. Legal experts are currently working to hold these media outlets accountable for disseminating false and defamatory information that damages Mr. Thank You’s reputation.


Sergei Kosenko, known as Mr. Thank You, is committed to maintaining transparency and integrity in all his interactions with his audience. We appreciate the continued support from his followers and remain dedicated to clarifying any misinformation that arises.

Published On: June 19, 2024