Clear Comfort Night Guards Offer Custom Made Mouthguards That Reduce Jaw Pain

The California-based dental lab offers different kinds of dentist-recommended night guards to treat bruxism.

California, USA, 20th March 2023, ZEXPRWIREBruxism or teeth grinding is the leading cause of jaw pain and teeth enamel damage. This happens when there’s extra pressure exerted on the tooth, which leads to swollen gums and jaw pain. Dental mouthguards can help reduce the symptoms of bruxism and pressure on the jaw muscles. However, finding good quality dentist recommended mouthguard can be challenging. Clear Comforts Night Guards is a company that makes custom dental guards to help people relieve jaw pain.

Located in California, Clear Comforts Night Guards create soft night guards, thin night guards, hard night guards, and even sports mouth guards that protect the teeth and reduce jaw and head pain. Additionally, the company also designs mouthguards for people with crooked teeth. All of their mouthguards are created in the US by dental technicians. Moreover, the company also sells dental guards at an 80% lower price compared to a dental office, making it easier for customers to find affordable dental guards. They do this by delivering dental guards directly from their labs, reducing middleman and overhead costs for their clients.

Addressing the need for custom mouthguards, a spokesperson from the company stated, “Most issues related to jaw pain are due to bruxism or teeth grinding, which is why it’s important to get custom-made dental mouthguards that can cushion the effect of bruxism. Custom mouthguards are better than over-the-counter ones because they can fit the teeth better. At Clear Comfort Night Guard, we make dentist-recommended mouthguards using high-quality materials. Our dental guards come in different varieties to fit clients’ needs and relieve their symptoms.”

Besides creating high-quality guards, Clear Comfort Night Guards also offer exceptional customer service. Their website also boosts a 5-star rating with over 250 reviews of their dental guards. They offer a 45-day money-back guarantee in case the custom guards don’t fit properly. Clear Comfort Night Guard’s website also offers a helpful quiz to help clients decide which dental guard is best for them. In addition to dental guards, the company also sells sports mouthguards designed to prevent dental injuries for people who play sports.

About Clear Comfort Night Guards

Clear Comfort Night Guards, a company headquartered in Los Angeles County, California, has assisted people for more than ten years by producing hundreds of flawlessly fitted custom night guards and other dental appliances. They want to create affordable, best custom night guard for different levels of bruxism. Currently, they provide specialized night guards produced by highly skilled dental specialists that are soft, durable, ultra-strong, and thin.

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Published On: March 20, 2023