London, UK, 12 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, CoinsCord is proud to introduce its in-depth setup to enable traders of all kinds bring the best out of them. With the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, put together, bring us lots of exciting opportunities and revolutionize traditional payment systems. It also helped birth the introduction of crypto exchanges to facilitate access to the market.

Before now, only wealthy investors, institutional traders, banks, and corporations were participants in the financial market. But with the advent of technology, individuals with low budgets can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies from anywhere with the click of a mouse.

In a bid to further open up the market to more crypto enthusiasts, the team at CoinsCord is pleased to introduce a marketplace where users can trade cryptocurrencies easily with limited awareness through the trading signals. CoinsCord is a platform aimed at making things easier and safer for cryptocurrencies traders.

What’s In CoinsCord For You?

CoinsCord is a crypto-powered marketplace where you can get quality cryptocurrencies trading signals. Other reasons to join the CoinsCord bandwagon are:

Maximum Security

All activities on the CoinsCord platform is run under a strict system. With the use of the cutting-edge technology to protect users’ data.

Auto Trading

CoinsCord allows traders to use an automated system to handle all crypto trading activities.  With auto trade bots that could trade automatically on traders behalf.

Multiple Trading Pairs

There are vast range of options available to choose from when choosing signals for. Whether you want to trade Dogecoin, Safemoon, or ADA, there is a place at CoinsCord for it.

Mobile Support

CoinsCord has a user-friendly and compatible mobile app that you can leverage to access the crypto market on the go. The app works exactly like the web version.

Quality Trading Way

Aside from offering a crypto exchange marketplace, CoinsCord also provides quality trading signals to a broad range of traders. With a track record of offering genuine and reliable trading signals all year round. On top of that, the company offers trading bots that can help you automate all your trades in seconds.

About CoinsCord

CoinsCord is a leading crypto exchange platform and signal provider. Established in 2015, it provides an enabling environment for crypto enthusiasts to access the crypto market.

CoinsCord also provides trading signals that could help you access the market on auto-pilot.

CoinsCord parades a team of devoted and committed crypto and blockchain experts. The team is led by Andy Sang, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the project. Other members of the team include Joan Smith (Chief Market Analyst), Saru Matt (Marketing Officer), and Cyrus Nato (Lead Product Manager).

Media Contact

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