Coloniume Blockchain – A Global Challenge to Create Free Internet

Sydney, Australia, June 6, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Coloniume Blockchain has recently unveiled to the public a new blockchain ecosystem. The team’s goal is to make the Internet accessible to everyone. 

Global connectivity for Coloniume is mainly dependent on the involvement of individuals all over the world. Each Coloniume node will act as a bridge between the local and international networks.

The testnet for the project is already online, and the network will become available once the testing phase is over.

The Launch of Coloniume Blockchain 

The Internet will be a powerful tool when it comes to improving economics, politics, culture, and communication. The most recent versions of the Internet are sure to be the essential information source in the future. 

The Internet’s value lies in providing equal access to all countries, regardless of their wealth. The team explained that there is a favorable influence on the market competition when large and small organizations can go online.

Coloniume has assembled a diverse group of seasoned and multi-national professionals for its debut on the market. The initiative aims to reduce the digital divide to overcome the class gap in internet access.

The team wants to provide the lower classes with a unique experience on a worldwide scale. There will be no difference in the possibility of finding knowledge everywhere in the world, as predicted by Coloniume.

Mixing Free Internet and a Better Education

E-learning in low- and middle-income communities will benefit from universal access to the internet. Accessible satellite Internet or Starlink connectivity is one of the many advantages of Coloniume. 

In low-income communities, internet service might be prohibitively costly. As an intermediary, Coloniume Blockchain aims to allow users to access Starlink Internet. 

Coloniume Blockchain, on the other hand, provides free local and internal connectivity in the event of an internet outage.

The Project’s Goals

Those who live in places where internet access is frequently interrupted will be able to use Coloniume Blockchain. People in these areas can’t afford an internet connection. Hence there’s a low rate of online penetration. 

As the team argued, science, communication, and the economy would benefit from Coloniume Blockchain’s efforts.  

Coloniume wants to grant free Internet and worldwide communications through specialized computers. The millions of nodes and processors in the Coloniume blockchain will be the core of this new project’s architecture.

Smaller, more energy-efficient computers are becoming more and more popular. While presenting the project, the team explained that these devices are secure and would become the next-gen personal computers. 

Coloniume wants to provide a highly secure worldwide platform for mining the Colonix coin through free internet sharing. Information on free and general-interest services and their capabilities will be available through Coloniume.

About Coloniume Blockchain

Creating an international competition to eliminate Internet deprivation is the primary purpose of the Coloniume Blockchain. The lack of unrestricted access to the Internet worldwide is a fundamental impediment to global progress. 

Anyone can use the Internet for free on Coloniume-specific modems. The Coloniume Blockchain offers these features to the public for the first time. The market can find more information on the project’s website and the social media pages below.

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Published On: June 6, 2022