Congruent Labs Announces Partnership with Upsurge Studios for the Signata Token Project

Canberra, Australia, 23 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The Signata cryptocurrency token project (Ticker: $SATA) has announced partnership with Upsurge Studios to enhance security for services on the market.

Congruent Labs, an Australian cybersecurity company that developed the Signata token project, will assist Upsurge Studios with securing its digital assets and access by its staff, and provide new pathways into the Non-Fungible Token asset market.

“This is the first partnership for the Signata project, and it couldn’t be a better one,” said Timothy Quinn, Co-Founder of Congruent Labs. “Blockchain is an enabling technology, and our relationship with Upsurge is just a natural fit for the project as it expands into this world as well.”

“Our core business revolves around video games and reality, but some of the content our customers work with us on requires careful handling,” explains Ben Roach, founder of Upsurge Studios. “We saw Signata as something new and innovative that we could use in the future to both help secure the assets we are working with, as well as making sure that only my trusted staff are handling these assets. We also have seen the games industry expanding into using NFTs, and Signata’s expertise in NFTs is something we’re keen to leverage.”

Upsurge Studios is a premium art outsourcing studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Upsurge is focused on providing a wide-range of quality services in both the entertainment and e-learning industries. Some of Upsurge’s clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Square Enix, From Software, SEGA, Bandai Namco, deadmau5, Cold Symmetry and Cartier.

Congruent Labs is the company building Signata, a privacy-focused and “full-stack” identity and access solution for the future, building private authentication solutions, delegated rights management, and integrating strong hardware key storage for the protection of everyone’s online lives. Signata is also a zero-knowledge crypto wallet solution and will be the first service that integrates its decentralized Identity framework.

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Published On: August 23, 2021