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Press Release

updated: Jul 24, 2020 17:43 EDT

Co-Founder and President LCDR Greg Keeley, USN (ret) joined Morning Joe (MSNBC) for the official announcement this morning.

America’s Military and Intelligence community are under threat – from within. Two years after President Trump belittled the CIA and threw his support behind Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, the integrity and reputation of our national security apparatus continues its dangerous decline.  

“The ‘blue on blue’ crisis is the gravest domestic existential threat faced by American security professionals in generations. Our military and intelligence veterans took an oath to defend the American people and our Constitution from tyranny – both foreign and domestic. This moment is about country, not politics,” said Council President LCDR Greg Keeley, USN (ret), “Enough is enough.”

What is the Council on American Security (CAMSEC)

The Council on American Security’s mission is to 

  • ​Support the men and women who keep us safe
  • Restore America’s standing abroad
  • Defend the institutions underpinning America’s freedom​
  • The Council is non-political.  
  • Its ranks are made up of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. 
  • The Council takes its marching orders from the Constitution, not any political party.

Donald Trump’s fatally misguided and cavalier approach has emboldened our enemies and demoralized our protectors. Council members have served in the military, intelligence community, and homeland security services. Generals to privates, Admirals to sailors, Station Chiefs to rookie recruits – all swore an oath to protect our country. 

An oath to the Constitution. Not to a political party. Not to a personality.

The President must be held accountable for making Americans less safe and failing miserably as Commander-in-Chief.

CAMSEC seeks a return to principled, informed, and credible national security leadership. We took an oath to defend this country once, and now step forward to defend it again. To do that President Trump must be defeated on November 3rd.  

PAID FOR BY THE COUNCIL ON AMERICAN SECURITY. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Learn More: www.camsec.org


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Source: Council on American Security