CouponXOO is developing a pilot program to develop technology-based on discount codes, supporting users to search for shopping tips, discount information, coupon codes, promotions…This program is a part of the XOO technology testing investment fund. Recognizing the importance of technology in system development as well as contributing to customer experience, CouponXOO decided to found XIF (XOO Internal Funds).

The latest test of comprehensive human support technology will be updated soon, according to prediction is before October 2020. This test, called X-C1, works like an automated ChatBox, but it will be integrating AI technology developed by CouponXOO research team. CouponXoo understands the potential influence of AI on enhancing customer experience when seeking coupons on site. Specifically, customers can communicate with the X-C1 via an intuitive interface like a normal chatbox, but there will be more outstanding features. When customers search for discount codes or a deal for their favorite product on the site, they will likely encounter many related issues. Users can find the best discount code for a certain store with the fastest time through the stored discount code data. XOO’s goal is to provide the best experience for users, helping them find discount codes and favorite products including fashion, dining, health, technology and life products, etc.

Shopping suggestions will also be given and optimized after every time customers shop and use discount codes. Users may also have separate support options for each product. For fashion items, for example, shoppers can choose discount code preferences for this item, and the following suggestions will be displayed first for the item you have selected. Users can also change their options on getting suggestions from discount codes, promotions, vouchers or promo codes at their discretion.

The voice support feature will also be integrated in the next versions to meet the need of searching for promotions on smartphones. In addition, the automatic aggregation of discount codes from the latest sources on the Internet is really an important feature. Users only need to provide the keywords for the product you want to choose, CouponXOO will list all discount codes in order of priority based on these factors: relevance, vote system, activation, discount amount… This makes sure that XOO brings the best results for users.

The test program was used on about 5000 searches on all the different categories, bringing many optimal results. About 92% of searches bring the wanted results from the first suggestion. Customers then continue to use the suggested results to find relevant information and leave a lot of positive feedback and reviews.

About CouponXOO

CouponXOO is a platform to search for information about discount codes, promotions, vouchers, deals … and everything related with millions of visits per month. Customers can find the latest shopping information and be fully updated daily with XOO. The user’s shopping experience is our top priority. If you are looking for a search engine dedicated to shopping, do not miss