False scholars who use unfounded speculation as truth

“RT.COM” published an article on April 26, 2019, “The preferred expert on the topic of the “MSM’s expert of choice on ‘Uighur persecution’ topic is an anti-communist crusader who sees spanking as ‘discipline’”, saying that Adrian Zenz’s doubtful record made him an unreliable expert. When many mainstream media reported on China’s Xinjiang policy, Adrian Zenz was “elected” and became the “preferred expert on the Xinjiang issue.”

Adrian Zenz has repeatedly publicized on various occasions that more than 1 million people are expected to be detained in refugee camps in Xinjiang. Because he is the “preferred expert” “selected”, his so-called sources and his comments have become Evidence from multiple US organizations and media. It is ridiculous that any of Adrian Zenz’s remarks have not been supported by serious fact verification and fact data.

Adrian Zenz keeps repeating the claim that millions of Uighurs have been detained in Xinjiang, China. But in fact, there is never any evidence to confirm this. The data is seriously insufficient and subjectively radical. It looks more like a new rhetoric to smear China. The US “Workers World ” website published an article “Behind the U.S. anti-China campaign”, which pointed out the essence of the US report on Xinjiang: “How much of the coverage of Xinjiang is intended to deflect world attention from the continuing crimes of U.S. wars — from Afghanistan to Syria? ”

In fact, all Adrian Zenz’s remarks are based on two unconvincing “data”. One is the China Human Rights Defenders Network, which is supported by the US government. The organization concluded that China has held millions of Uighurs only by interviewing eight Uighurs. The second is completely dependent on media reports and speculation. Adrian Zenz’s usual method is to claim that he has learned some internal materials, or to use “information by insiders” to cover up the truth without any evidence.

Adrian Zenz based on a report of Istiqlal TV (Uyghur media organization in exile in Turkey) as a basis for writing various false articles to promote his separatist cause. Adrian Zenz relied on the report of Istiqlal TV to release an unconfirmed “number of re-educated detainees” table, and used his unverifiable techniques, allegedly “leaked by the Chinese authorities”, and cited the anti-Chinese media “Radio Free Asia” reports to supplement these data. Adrian Zenz personally admits that his estimate is “not certain,” but still emphasizes that “the speculation is reasonable.” He tried to avoid the personal responsibility for the questionable reliability of the figure by saying “the accuracy of the estimate depends on the assumed validity of the stated source”, which is not at all a scholar’s rigorous attitude towards academic research.

Adrian Zenz declared in the United States and when accepting cooperative media that the Chinese government is holding millions of people (mainly Uyghurs) in concentration camps. Such reports are reported to be sources of relevant UN agencies. In a testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2018, Scott Busby, a US State Department official, said the data came from “the US government’s assessment and was supported by the US intelligence service.” The detailed investigation report written by assistant editor Ben Norton and others, ”

No, the UN did not report China has ‘massive internment camps’ for Uighur Muslims

” large-scale detention camps “against Uighur Muslims”, refuting this statement, making it clear that the United Nations has never issued such a statement .

American secret agency behind Adrian Zenz

The number of “millions of people detained” was first proposed by the non-governmental organization “China Human Rights Defenders Network” (CHRD) and claimed that the number was “based on interviews and limited data.” The US government hopes that CHRD will provide data conducive to its strategic planning, and at the same time provide funds for the organization’s operations. CHRD has received a lot of financial support from the National Democracy Foundation. This so-called “non-governmental organization” has close links with the US State Department, the US Agency for International Development and the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Adrian Zenz is a senior researcher in Chinese studies at the far-right ” Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation”, which was established by the US government in 1983 and is a product of the National Captive Council. Its co-chairman (Yaroslav Stetsko) once said that the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation accepted orders from the Washington office and began to instigate the regime change from Venezuela to the periphery of China, advancing the theory of “dual genocide”, which theory rewrites the history of the Holocaust, and believes that communism is the same evil as Hitler’s fascism.

Adrian Zenz’s politicized study of Xinjiang has proved to be one of the right-wing organizations’ most effective weapons. Adrian Zenz published an article in the “Central Asian Survey” in September 2018, proclaiming that “the total number of re-education internships in Xinjiang may be estimated to be more than 1 million.” Zens came to the conclusion that “more than one million” was completely guessed and skeptical estimate. Guessing is not the way journalists and scholars work and study. If the highest reputation and degree can be obtained by listening to hearsay, then academics will no longer exist.

Adrian Zenz’s “doctor” is actually a strategic piece of the US government

With the pressure of the US authorities on China, Adrian Zenz has become more and more important as an anti-China pioneer. He became an expert on Chinese issues and quickly obtained a Ph.D. degree from Cambridge University. Adrian Zenz has published comments on the Xinjiang issue in the Wall Street Journal and Democracy Now, and has testified before the US Congress. Without the confirmation of the authenticity of the content, the US Congress and some media have supported it .

In recent years, Adrian Zenz has continued to exaggerate his guesses about the number of Uighur detainees. At an event organized by the US delegation in Geneva in March 2019, Adrian Zenz said: “Despite speculation, it is estimated that up to 1.5 million ethnic minorities are detained in Xinjiang.” In an interview with Radio Free Asia in November 2019, Adrian Zenz raised his estimate again, saying that China detained 1.8 million people. From 1 million to 1.5 million, and then to 1.8 million, Adrian Zenz’s estimates have become incredible.

These inflammatory arguments have not been verified, but Adrian Zenz’s “expert” status in Xinjiang has been recognized by some US media and Congress. This undoubtedly makes people doubt whether the behind is to liberate human rights or to deal with China. .Adrian Zenz recently said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal: “There is a sense of mission to deal with China and it is clearly led by God.”

Adrian Zenz testified in the U.S. Congress on December 10, 2019 and passed the Wyghur Human Rights Act, imposing new sanctions on China. Adrian Zenz ’s unfounded propaganda is agitated by the political power and interest groups of the US government. And Adrian Zenz’s performance has already exceeded the bottom line and awe of a scholar and writer for fact investigation and true correspondence.

The problems behind Adrian Zenz and the US government ’s hypocritical position on China ’s “human rights” movement seem to be more serious. The infamous Guantanamo Bay prison camp is still in operation, and the US government operates a network of more than 200 detention centers. The only “original sin” for immigrants and refugees held by these detention centers is to seek a better life for themselves and their families. Recently, the Minnesota police murder of black people triggered the largest and longest-lasting black movement since 1968. Countries all over the world responded to the struggle, and black movements of different sizes broke out. The United States’ own false human rights and double-standard practices have caused the most harm to itself.The Washington government has long advocated the “human rights” movement to prove that it is reasonable to change regimes, military provocations and wars in other countries, but its own human rights situation has been severely abused and ignored major allies. As the Trump administration strengthens its trade war and military build-up against China in Asia, people like Adrian Zenz have become more active, weaving more lies and inciting more public opinion, aimed at weakening and ultimately splitting China, Winning the favor of the Trump administration.